Imran’s problem: Former Lt Gen Shoaib said – Our PM Nakara and Nalayak, they cannot be compared to Modi


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Islamabad24 minutes ago

Former military officers, who were once seen in favor of Prime Minister Imran Khan, have also started opposing him strongly. Questions are being raised on Imran’s foreign policy. Recently, during a debate on a TV channel, Lieutenant General (Retd) Amjad Shoaib denied Imran and even called him null. However, this former army officer defended Jamaat-ud-Dawa’s mastermind Hafiz Saeed.

Amjad Shoaib is a well-known name for Pakistan. He appears as an expert on army and foreign policy on almost every news channel of the country. Shoaib also runs his own YouTube channel. Prior to this, he has been openly defending Imran and the army.

Hafiz Saeed’s case was given by India
In response to a question, Shoaib said – America declared a prize on the head of Hafiz Saeed. Sent his agent Raymond Davis here. Through him, he wanted to find evidence of Hafiz Saeed’s role in the Mumbai attack, but found nothing. Actually, the case of Hafiz Saeed is kept alive under pressure from India.


We give ourselves a chance
Questioning the functioning of the government, this former army officer said – Last year, the US stopped all transactions of our Habib Bank on suspicion. The problem is within the country. Habib Bank and other organizations take action in America, why not in our country. Why didn’t we punish anyone. We have done so many crimes, no one can even account for this.

A man’s slave
Shoaib listened to Imran without naming him. In response to a question, the truth is that the rule has been given in the hands of a negative and unworthy man. Or to say that the government has been enslaved. The whole world is working for its country, and this government is working for this unworthy man. It has been put into convincing people that this is our Prime Minister. Leaders who work for their country do not have a personal agenda or caste. They want to do something for generations to come. Our diplomacy is a flop because our Wazir-e-Azam does not know anything. How can you compare such a man to Narendra Modi?


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