If You Sleep Less Than 5 Hours At Night, Beware, Your Risk Of This Problem Can Be Doubled


A new research warns that sleeping less than five hours a night doubles the risk of dementia. Researchers at Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital tested data for 65 and over 65 years of age, in addition to 2 thousand 812 American adults. The ‘very short’ sleep time was defined as five hours or less than five hours and was found to have twice the risk of dementia compared to the ‘recommended time’ of 7-8 hours.

Do you sleep less than 5 hours a night?

New research supports earlier research that sleep deprivation essentially ‘sets the stage’ for Alzheimer’s disease such as dementia. This research does not investigate the reason behind the relationship, but the lack of proper rest can prevent the brain from removing toxins, which causes brain function to decline.

Fear of double risk of dementia

Researchers show an ‘urgent need’ to identify specific recommendations for improving sleep in the elderly. Researcher doctor Rebecca Robbins says the results illustrate the relationship between sleep deprivation and the risk of dementia and shows the importance of helping the elderly achieve adequate sleep each night.

According to the World Health Organization, around 50 million people worldwide suffer from dementia and about 10 million new cases are exposed every year. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia and can contribute 60–70 percent of cases of dementia.


According to the UK Alzheimer’s Society, more than 9 million people in the UK are living with dementia and by 2024 the figure is estimated to be one million. The Sleep Foundation says that there have been more cases of sleep disturbances among the elderly than people of any other age. There are several types of dementia, of which Alzheimer’s disease is the most common.

Dementia is a global concern, but is seen in most wealthy countries. There is currently no cure for dementia, but medicines can slow down the pace. If identified at the initial level, it can be a more effective treatment. According to a new research in China, the elderly who do not get enough sleep are at risk of brain failure and dementia by 25 percent.

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