High Blood Pressure: How Often Should You Check Your Blood Pressure, Here Is A Complete Guide


High blood pressure or hypertension can be the result of unhealthy eating, sluggish lifestyle and smoking. If left unchecked, this situation can put you at greater risk of heart disease. Timely prevention is one of the effective ways to control the side-effects associated with this condition. There are several precautionary measures you need to follow.

There is also the role of checking for regular blood pressure. It can help in early detection of hypertension and enables you to control the condition. The moment you get more blood pressure, you will take all necessary measures to bring it under control. If you are thinking how often you should get your blood pressure checked, do not worry.

Hypertension- When should you have your blood pressure checked?
Dr. Gaurangi Shah is a Consultant Physician at PD Hinduja Hospital. “It is advised that children should undergo a blood pressure test at least once a year, while it is recommended for adults once a month,” he says. People who eat high blood pressure medications can get their blood pressure checked once a week. But people who have just started taking blood pressure medications or have pre-hypertension identified should check their blood pressure more often, such as twice a day for one to three months or complete blood pressure Until controlled “.


What is the best time to have a blood pressure test?
Dr. Shah’s advice is that people with high blood pressure during the initial phase should undergo blood pressure tests twice a day.
1. Shortly after waking up
2. In the evening (evening / night blood pressure may be slightly higher than morning number)

At what age can hypertension occur?
1. If it is hereditary, it usually develops between 40-60 years of age.
2. In non-hereditary cases it can develop before 40 years or after the age of 60 years. If someone has hypertension during this time, they need to go to an endocrinologist or cardiologist to find out what is the real cause of high blood pressure. After that, necessary measures should be taken to control the situation.

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