Health Tips: Potato Is Useful For Black Hair, Removing Dark Circles And Preventing From Anemia


New Delhi: Dark circles in front of the eyes are a very common problem due to waking up late at night or using mobile more. Anemia in women is also very common in India. Many people start avoiding potatoes in the name of losing weight. But there are uncountable benefits of potato which we are going to tell you.

If your hair is turning white and you use hair color to brown them, then you can use potato peel instead. Boil one bowl of potato peel in half a liter of water. When the water is reduced to four to five teaspoons, apply it to the hair and its roots when it cools down.

Do you know that potato peel is helpful in controlling blood pressure. Potatoes also contain vitamin C and potassium. Both these things are helpful in controlling blood pressure. Always use potato with peels in the food.


The amount of calcium and vitamin B complex are also sufficient in potato peel. Eating potato gives strength to bones and strength to the body. Potato peel should be included in the diet along with potatoes in your diet.

Many people are advised to avoid potatoes in the name of weight control. But always remember that if anything is eaten with restraint, it never damages. Include potatoes in your diet. Your body needs a small amount of fat and glucose which potato fulfills.

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