Health Tips: Masaba Gupta Shares Healthy Juice Recipe, Here Are Its Amazing Benefits


Famous fashion designers have always been vocal about their diet plan and fitness. According to Masaba Gupta, home-cooked food or homemade food is a basic element of their fitness. If you stay closely connected on their social media, then you will know how much their passion is towards fitness. Often his picture comes in front of the fans doing workouts.

Recently, Masaba answered a lot of questions from his fans and followers on Instagram. A fan asked him which juice he uses continuously in his daily routine. He answered Petha’s juice. There are many benefits of Petha familiar with the name of winter melon.

Keeps the digestive system cool
Petha juice is excellent for body heat because it has the quality of delivering cold. It is also suitable for people suffering from too much heat in the body. Such people have to face digestive problems like constipation, indigestion. Drinking this juice cools your stomach and prevents digestive problems.

Helps lose weight
There is a lot of fiber and water present in Petha, which is fantastic for reducing weight. You can keep yourself full for a long time by drinking this drink. Due to the presence of high amount of fiber, it takes a lot of time to digest which prevents you from eating junk food or from hunger.


Rich in nutrients
Petha is rich in vitamin C, B3, B1, iron, magnesium and phosphorus. Apart from this, the presence of many other nutrients is essential for your overall health.

Good for heart
Due to the good amount of potassium, it is believed that it reduces high blood pressure and prevents heart problems. Drinking this juice helps to improve the functioning of the heart muscle.

Boosts your immunity
Petha helps in increasing your immunity due to the presence of Vitamin C. This means that it removes problems related to health.

How to make Petha juice?
Remove the vegetable peel and cut it into small pieces. Remove all seeds and keep them in a mixer. Mix until smooth. Separate the pulp and the juice using a sieve.

Masaba Gupta said in his post that you can add lemon juice or mint leaves to taste in Petha juice. According to him, it would be better to use it first thing in the morning.

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