Health Tips: Deodorant and Perfume May Cause Your Body These Disadvantages


New Delhi: It is common to use deodentr (deo) or perfume to avoid the smell of sweat during the summer season. Many people trust the use of dio more than bathing even in winter. But while doing so, you are playing with your health.

You will be surprised to know about the disadvantages of putt ing more dio. Use of Dio is harmful to the body in many ways. The most damage is done to your skin by applying deo. Due to a chemical called propylene glycol found in deo, the skin starts getting rashes. Kidney and liver are also affected due to the neurotoxin chemical found in deo.


Let us know that there are both good and bad bacteria in our body. Good bacteria die with the use of Dio. Bad elements of the body come out through sweat, but applying the deo weakens the sweat glands and on the body Fear of attack of diseases increases.

A chemical called paraben is found in most deodorants, due to which the risk of getting breast cancer increases. These chemicals are also found in many beauty products. You will be surprised to know that deodorant also affects a person’s brain, which increases the risk of Alzheimer’s. Let us know that a person’s memory gets weakened due to Alzheimer’s.

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