Health Tips Before Summer Know How To Keep Yourselfe Safe


After winter, summer is coming. In such a situation, people must be thinking from now how will it be avoided when there is a hot summer. People must have started thinking about ways to avoid the scorching sun. Humidity will also be sufficient with heat in the coming days. Let us tell you in this story today how you can avoid the scorching heat in the coming days.

How to avoid scorching heat-

Keep water out of the house.
– The best solution is to stay indoors.
-Avoid sun exposure between 11 and 4 o’clock.
– Keep the air conditioner and coolers running.
If you have to go out of the house, keep a cap. Wear loose clothes. This will protect you from sun stroke.
Take liquid things and drink plenty of water. Take fruit juice, cold milk smoothie at home.
If you are going on trip or vacation, keep basic medicines with you.
– Keep the head covered while going out of the house.


Note: They are on the claim of research. ABP News does not confirm this. Before implementing any suggestion or treatment, you must take the advice of your doctor.

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