Health Tips: Are You Accustomed To Reheated Food? Beware Of Right Now!


We all spend busy lives and often we have shortage of time. Whether it is the choice of dress for the next day or preparing lunch dinner, we are always looking to increase our convenient options. One of the most common habits these days is to cook more and store it in the fridge to eat later.

It can be said that most people have become used to storing food and reheating it while eating. But what happens when you are told that reheating a particular food actually makes it contam inated? You should know that there are some foods that should never be reheated.


Rice is a staple food for everyone and can be easily found in homes around the world. But, do you know that raw rice has spores that turn into bacteria and still survive after cooking? These bacteria can cause major diseases and hence it is always recommended to never reheat the rice. Food of hot rice has again been linked to diarrhea and vomiting.

We are all aware of the benefits of eggs. It is known as a treasure trove of proteins. However, this main food in the morning can become contaminated when you heat it again. Whether it is fried eggs or boiled eggs, never heat it again!

One of the most commonly used vegetables in Indian homes is that potatoes should be eaten fresh. When you reheat a pre-cooked potato, you actually ruin the nutrition of the vegetable and make it poisonous. Eating reheated potatoes can cause nausea and even food poisoning.

Never reheat any chicken dish. Like eggs, chicken is rich in protein. When you eat reheated chicken, you do not get any nutrition. Instead, it can cause digestive problems such as bloating, gastric etc. However, do not throw away the chilled chicken, you can use it in cold salad.

Mushroom is vegetarian and for those who like health. But, do you know that reheating pre-cooked mushrooms can kill the nutrition of the vegetable and make it contaminated. According to experts, reheating and using mushrooms again can cause serious digestive problems.

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