government approved 8 toy manufcturing clusters for Rs 2300 crore | 2,300 crore toy clusters to be built in MP, UP, Rajasthan, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu


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New Delhi2 minutes ago

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DPIIT and MSME Ministries will develop toy clusters under existing schemes, such as the Scheme of Fund for Regeneration of Traditional Industries (PEP)

  • The motive is to promote India’s traditional toy industry
  • Clusters will be made of wood, lacquer, palm leaves, bamboo and clothing toys

To give a boost to the country’s traditional toy industry, the government has approved 8 toy manufacturing clusters. These clerks will cost Rs 2,300 crore. Wood, lacquer, palm leaves, bamboo and cloth toys will be made in these clusters.

The Department of Industry Promotion and Internal Trade (DPIIT) and the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) want to develop toy clusters under existing schemes, such as the Scheme of Fund for Regeneration of Traditional Industries (PEP). An official said that we want to install toy clusters under the current government scheme. A senior MSME ministry official said that the government has approved 8 new toy clusters in a recent meeting.

3 clusters will be made in Madhya Pradesh

8 clusters will be formed in these states:
Madhya Pradesh: 3
Rajasthan: 2
Karnataka: 1
Uttar Pradesh: 1
Tamil Nadu: 1

Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh already have 2 toy clusters.

Currently, two toy clusters have been made in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh under the PEP scheme. In these two clusters, facilities like skill development, common facility centers, building housing facilities and marketing and e-commerce assistance to the local industry are being encouraged. According to an Economic Times report, another official said that there are plans to make 35 clusters under the PEP. The MSME Ministry official said that the government is working very fast to make clusters. Now getting approval in 6 months. After this they are taking 6 more months to install.


First Virtual India Toy Fair is starting on Saturday

A few days later, the Virtual India Toy Fair-2021 is going to be organized for the first time in the country. It will run from 27 February to 2 March. It will have the opportunity to see and buy toys from more than 1,000 toy manufacturers across the country.

About 90% of the toys in the country come from China and Taiwan

The government is taking these steps under the National Action Plan for Indian Toy Story. Through these steps, the government wants to reduce the country’s dependence on imported toys and wants to increase their production in the country itself. Around 1.5 billion worth of toys were imported into the country in 2019-20. About 90% of the toys in the domestic toy market come from China and Taiwan.

Foreign toys unsafe

According to a recent study by the Quality Council of India (QCI), 67% of imported toys failed testing. This showed that making safe toys is very important in the country itself. Domestic manufacturing is also necessary because the toy industry in India is largely unorganized. There are about 4,000 MSMEs doing business in this industry. Dolls, cards, videogame consoles and board games are considered toys.


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