Google to invest 75 million dollars in small and medium companies; Will focus on companies in Latin America, Africa, and Asia | Google to invest $ 75 million in small and medium companies; Will give $ 1.5 million capital to Indian companies


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  • Google To Invest 75 Million Dollars In Small And Medium Companies; Will Focus on Companies in Latin America, Africa, And Asia

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BrusselsOne hour ago

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  • The company will give $ 150 million capital to 1,000 small European companies
  • EIF to support 200 life sciences companies

Google will provide $ 750 million capital to small and mid-sized companies in Latin America and Asia stuck in trouble due to Kovid-19. This unit of Alphabet Inc. is in agreement with the European Investment Fund (EIF) and two organizations from these two continents for this. This funding plan of Google is part of the campaign launched by Kovid-19 against him in March last year. Under this, it will give $ 150 million capital to Indian companies.


Will tie up with two European investment funds

Google said on Wednesday that it would invest in two European investment funds. Through them, it will give $ 150 million capital to 1,000 small European companies. It will also give $ 10 million to EIF supporting 200 life sciences companies. EIF is part of the European Investment Bank Group, the lending unit of the European Union.

Google will give $ 150 million to Indian companies

In Latin America, Google will work with the Inter-American Development Bank and give $ 8 million loan to small companies. It has created a $ 26 million fund to help companies in Africa, the Gulf countries and Indonesia. Google created this fund in collaboration with Keeva, a crowdfunding organization for loans.


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