Eating Apples Keeps Lungs Healthy, Also Reduces Weight, Know What Else Are The Benefit


There is a saying famous for apple, ‘One apple a day keeps the doctor away’. The saying is absolutely true because apples are a treasure trove of nutrients including vitamin C, fiber and potassium. There are many advantages to eating apple. Today, where human is facing many serious diseases due to pollution, you can keep your lungs healthy by eating apples. Along with this, apple is also very effective in weight loss. Apart from this, eating apple also gives many benefits to the body.

Keeps heart healthy

Eating apples daily also reduces the risk of heart related diseases. Let us know that a lot of fiber and polyphenol is found in apples. They also reduce the risk of heart diseases by lowering cholesterol. Blood pressure is also controlled by the intake of apple and due to this the chances of heart disease are also reduced.


Keeps you safe from serious disease like cancer

Apple is rich in antioxidants and flavonoids. Apart from this, there are many such qualities in it which do not allow the body to develop a terrible disease like cancer. Eating apples daily reduces the risk of lung cancer.

Apple lose weight

Apple not only prevents diseases, it also plays an important role in weight loss. Let us know that by consuming apples everyday, bacteria that benefit the body in the intestines grow.

Keeps lungs healthy

According to a UK research, apples keep langs healthy. People who consume five apples a week also have healthy lungs. Consumption of apple also reduces the risk of lung and respiratory problems.

Right way to eat apple
It is generally said that apples should be eaten on an empty stomach in the morning. When we eat and sleep late at night, it affects the digestive system. You wake up in the morning feeling very tired. But after waking up after night, if you eat an apple first then you will be able to keep yourself fresh throughout the day and will also get energy. Eating apple reduces acidity. But the condition is that the apple should be washed in warm water before eating. Secondly, apples should be used along with the peels as the peels have very high nutritional value. If you are physically weak and suffering from mental pressure, then eating two apples in the morning will be favorable for them.

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