Diabetes: Know What Happens When You Forget To Take Your Sugar Medicines


India is known as the capital of diabetes and there is a reason for this. India is one of the six diabetes victims in the world. According to statistics, there are 77–78 million diabetic patients in India. India has the highest number of people in the world after China.

What happens when you quit diabetes medicines?

The cause of diabetes is high sugar level in the blood. What motivates the body to increase blood sugar level? Experts say that it depends on the way of living life. Apart from lifestyle, the amount of alcohol intake, age and gender also become the cause and the complexity of health doubles with aging.

There are many ways to control its symptoms and the condition. You can adopt a healthy lifestyle, keep away from excessive alcohol consumption and monitor body’s behavior. Apart from this, in another way you can manage diabetes i.e. medicines. Different medicines depend on the type of diabetes. We will know what happens when a diabetic patient forgets to take medicines.

Medication is a major way to combat the complications of diabetes. It is important for the patient to follow the doctor’s instructions and the dosage of medicine. But, there comes a time when you can miss and do not take a dose. When you do this, what happens inside you!


The effect of quitting diabetes medicine is not immediately apparent. It is not like back or knee pain which is induced by quitting medication. But, the consequences of quitting diabetes medication for a long time can harm your body and invite many other health complications.

Missing multiple diabetes doses can increase your body’s blood glucose level. But, this happens only when you forget diabetes medicine and do not compromise your healthy lifestyle. When you do both, the body can be affected by a sudden increase in blood sugar level.

Long-term effects of diabetes medication

According to experts, the effect on blood sugar becomes more pronounced and worsens with time due to diabetes patient dropping the dose. The purpose of diabetes medicines is to take the same time every day. To get more benefit, it is important not to forget these medicines.

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