COVID-19 Vaccine, If You Have Side Effects After COVID-19 Vaccine, Know What To Do


Much is being said and done about the COVID-19 vaccine. But, as is the case with all vaccines, the COVID-19 vaccine may also have side effects. A Medicine and Vaccine Safety recently released by the World Health Organization (WHO) explains what to expect after getting a vaccine. Usually a vaccine is tested on thousands of people and after long-term monitoring, the success of the vaccine is judged. The effect of the vaccine is closely monitored over this long period, but no long-term investigation was found in the case of the corona virus vaccine. Vaccines were made in a very short time to save the lives of people.

In such a situation, another IGTV shared by WHO states that currently available vaccines for COVID-19 are still under surveillance. Health officials are carefully monitoring all COVID-19 vaccines to ensure that they are safe for everyone who is getting them. Regarding IGTV released by WHO, Ayako Fukushima explains that some side effects are common and expected when you get vaccinated. They indicate that your body is providing protection against viruses.

Common side effects after vaccination

Sweating or redness at the injection site, mild fever, fatigue, headache, muscle or joint pain. All these symptoms usually show for less than a week. If you see these symptoms for more than a week, then you need to inform the health workers who vaccinated you. By doing this you not only protect yourself, but also fulfill the need of protection for others.


When reporting any negative reaction

If you report any negative reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine, then health workers will first treat your symptoms. A detailed investigation will then be done to evaluate the cause of your symptoms. It may also contain investigations related to storage, transport or other problems of the vaccine. Fukushima said that if the actual investigation is suspected, the health authorities may suspend the use of the vaccine. The WHO said that these investigations are supported by the WHO and they are monitoring the reactions of vaccines around the world.

Serious health problems are rare

Fukushima said it is extremely rare to have serious health problems directly caused by the vaccine, as the results of the vaccine and its tests have been quite promising. Fukushima said that all COVID-19 vaccines went through a rigorous testing process designed to ensure the safety of people before delivery. Till now, vaccines have proven to reduce the risk of getting sick with coronovirus unexpectedly. Getting a vaccine is actually one of the best things you can do to protect yourself and your loved ones from COVID-19.

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