Coronavirus: What effect does the use of vitamin C and zinc have on symptoms? Know the results of research


Coronavirus: Can Vitamin C and Zinc Help Fight Covid-19 Disease? The first randomized human test to detect the effect of both supplements showed that no, not even high dose. New research says that despite the popular use of zinc and vitamin C to reduce or combat the severity of colds and flu, the use of supplements has not proved to be beneficial in treating symptoms of the corona virus.

It has been claimed in the new research published in the Jama Network Open on Friday. Results of human trials on 214 patients of Kovid-19 infection have been revealed. Outpatient patients of Kovid-19 at outpatient care centers in Ohio and Florida were given either one supplement or both supplements. It was found that during this period there was no clear difference in duration of symptoms. Researchers say that patients taking one or both supplements had the same symptom reduction time as those who received standard treatment.

Zinc and Vitamin C do not cure corona virus

Zinc and vitamin C available in the market are used by patients for the treatment of viral diseases. During the Corona virus epidemic, demand for both supplements was seen to increase significantly. People believe that with their help the immune system can be promoted. To see how zinc and vitamin C can affect Kovid-19, the researchers randomly prescribed 10 days of zinc (50 milligrams daily), vitamin C (8 thousand milligrams daily) for four groups.


Research found both supplements to be non-effective on patients

External patients knew what treatment they were getting. The average age of the patients was 45 years and at home. They responded to the virtual survey about their symptoms, adverse effects, need for hospitalization and other medicines. Researchers said that the need to admit patients to the hospital was considered a failure of treatment.

Data showed that most of the patients suffered from mild symptoms, with very few patients suffering from severe cases. Researcher Milind Desai told UPI, “The high dose of zinc or the use of vitamin C or both jointly did not reduce the duration of illness of external patients affected by the corona virus.”

Researchers say the results suggest that treatment with zinc, vitamin C or both supplements does not affect the symptoms of Kovid-19. Scientists quickly scrapped human testing because supplements had no effect. The authors of the research reported four serious adverse effects including three deaths due to Kovid-19. More patients receiving vitamin C reported side-effects such as nausea, diarrhea, and cramps. Researchers said there is ‘inconsistent’ evidence of vitamin C and zinc as a cure for colds.

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