Coronavirus: Four South African Corona strains found in India, two in Brazil and 187 cases in UK


In India, exactly one year ago, the corona virus from China shook everyone. Nobody knew how to avoid it. People had panic in their mind, but with the passage of time they got used to living with this virus, but now again after a year, the infection of the South African variant of the Corona virus as well as the Brazilian variant in the country Matters have come to light. Both variants are highly contagious and are very fast spreading. At present, their number is being considered less in India.

Confirming the strain, the central government said that 4 people were detected in India from the South African variant of Corona in January, while in the first week of February, a case of infection from the Brazilian variant has been reported. ICMR Director General Balaram Bhargava said that 4 people returned from outside India have been confirmed to have been infected with the South African variant of the virus. At the same time, 2 of the infected people returned from South Africa, while one person each returned from Angola and Tanzania. All the passengers and the people in contact with them have been examined and kept in isolation.


Bhargava said that ‘ICMR-NIV’ is trying to isolate the South African variant from the samples of these 4 infected people and collect other information. A person returned from Brazil in the first week of February has been confirmed to be infected with the Brazilian variant of the virus. This strain was successfully isolated at ICMR Pune. The Brazilian and South African variants are different from the UK variants.

Balaram Bhargava has also confirmed that there are 187 patients of UK variant in India. And all confirmed cases have been quarantined and are being treated. People coming in contact with them have also been investigated and they have been kept in isolation. He said that the vaccine that India has, has the potential to eliminate this UK variant. On the other hand, the Brazilian strain has spread its foot in 15 countries so far.

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