Coronavirus: Experimental Drug May Alleviate Symptoms Within Just Two Hours, Research Claims


A pilot drug that can prevent symptoms in just two hours on serious patients of the corona virus is about to reach the third stage of human testing. Israeli scientists have made a big claim on the results of the Allosetra drug. He says that 19 of the 21 patients were discharged from the hospital after testing in six days and no deaths occurred.

What happened to the experimental Kovid-19 drug?

According to healthcare company Fair Health in New York, Kovid patients spent 4.6 days in the US before being discharged in September. A 49-year-old Volunteer, who took experimental medicine, claimed that he felt ‘somewhat strange’ after a few hours of treatment. He said that his cough stopped and breathing became easier.

According to Israeli media, Yair Tayyab, who was discharged two days later, said, “I can’t believe it.” Scientists said on February 11 that the results of the test were encouraging but warned that the drug could not prove effective because it was not standard research. 11 Kovid-19 patients involved in a successful second phase human trial in Israel were suffering from severe symptoms.

Claim to stop symptoms of serious patients in two hours

In addition, 10 patients were struggling with the debilitating symptoms of Kovid-19. It was found that patients who had severe warning signs were discharged four days after being given medication. But patients with fragile signs may be able to discharge after 8 days. Independent scientists commented that it was unclear what the difference was between serious and critical cases. Which makes it difficult to assess how well the treatment was done.


He further stated that human trials were done on small samples and groups with placebo were not included. Which shows whether the drug actually proved effective. Even patients whose limb was damaged due to Kovid-19 were not included. During the test, monitoring of the effect was done by giving medicines to the patients. The drug is being developed by the Israeli company.

It claims that the company is a leader in the treatment that provides relief to the immune system. Tyab, the patient involved in the test, said that he was having difficulty speaking and breathing before taking the medicine. He told Israel’s Channel 13, “They gave me medicine. Suddenly after two hours I started feeling something strange in my body. My cough stopped, my breath started coming back, I was feeling better. I stopped sweating Done. I can’t believe it. “

While being discharged from the hospital, he said, “I could not stand on my feet till two days ago. Now look at me, I am going home.” Chief investigator Professor Vernon Hirden said the results were “encouraging”. He said that the patients who were discharged from the second phase of human examination are currently healthy. The team is preparing to conduct Phase III human trials in Israel. In it, the drug will be tested on a large number of patients.

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