Corona virus: A warning issued by scientists, new variant may engulf the entire world


New Delhi The threat of Kovid 19 was not yet averted by the world that another variant of Corona has come to the fore. The new variant of the Corona became a cause of greater concern to the people. People are very worried about the spread of new variants because this Kovid is more dangerous than 19. Scientists are claiming that the new variant will soon engulf the world. Scientists claim that the world will take at least a decade to come out of this variant. Among them, the most contagious Corona variants spread in the Kent region of Britain are being told.

The head of Britain’s Genetic Surveillance Program says that a new variant of Corona found in South-East England may soon spread throughout the world. The head of the genetic surveillance program expressed concern over the mutation of the virus and said that the new strain is likely to cause a lockdown in Britain again.

Let us know that this new variant of Britain has reached more than 50 countries. Experts say that these variants can be 70 percent more contagious and about 30 percent more deadly than other variants. Sharon issued a warning saying that the Kovid-19 vaccine has been effective on many variants of the Corona in the UK, but the new mutation may reduce the effect of the vaccine.


Sharon said, “The 1.1.7 variant of Corona spread in the UK has been mutated once again and this new mutation may also affect the E484K immunity and vaccine potential. This virus has been mutated more than five times at five different times and will continue to happen. For the coming 10 years, we will have to continue the fight against this virus.

At the same time, many other experts say that different strains of corona virus affect people in different ways. These experts said that not all variants are fatal. However, experts definitely said that much care needs to be taken.

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