Corona in the world: Vaccination of 1.5 million people in Britain; Approval of 2000 foreign travelers to Israel daily


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In the UK, 1.5 million people have been vaccinated with the Corona so far. Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Sunday called it a milestone. He said through social media that we have given vaccine to more than 15 million people. This is an incredible achievement. Many thanks to scientists, factory workers, delivery drivers, NHS staff, volunteers and those who made this amazing achievement possible.

At the same time, Israel has approved 2000 foreign air passengers to come to the country every day. The Health Ministry said on Sunday that it has been decided to start the process of easing the closed air traffic from January 25 to control the corona. The Defense Ministry has been entrusted with the responsibility of quarantining the passengers visiting the hotel.

Vaccination started in UK on 8 December
The vaccination campaign against Corona in Britain began on 8 December. 90-year-old Margaret Keenan was the first British citizen to be administered Pfizer’s Corona vaccine. Pfizer-Biotech and AstraZeneca-Oxford University vaccines are currently being installed here.

British scientists claim, new variants threaten the whole world
British scientists have claimed that a new variant of the corona infection will soon engulf the world. When will the world take at least a decade to get out of this variant. Among them, the most contagious is the Corona variant spread across the Kent region of Britain. The head of the genetic surveillance program, Sharon, said that the new variant of Corona found in South-East England could soon spread throughout the world.

He expressed concern over the mutation of the virus and said that the new strain is likely to cause a lockdown in the UK again. The new variant of Britain has reached more than 50 countries. Experts say that it can be 70% more contagious and about 30% more deadly than other variants.

10.9 crore cases so far
There are currently 109 million cases in the world. So far, a total of 24.11 lakh people have lost their lives due to the epidemic. The good thing is that 8.14 crore patients have also been cured. Corona was confirmed and killed 1111 people in a total of 64,297 people on Sunday in the worst affected US. So far 2.82 crore people have been infected here. 1.82 crore people have been recovered. 4.97 lakh people have died.

Top 10 countries, where most people have been infected so far


Infected The deaths Healed
America 28,261,470 497,174 18,224,288
India 10,916,172 155,764 10,619,083
Brazil 9,834,513 239,294 8,745,424
Russia 4,071,883 80,126 3,593,101
UK 4,038,078 117,166 2,160,515
France 3,465,163 81,814 238,753
Spain 3,056,035 64,747 N / A
Italy 2,721,879 93,577 2,225,519
Turkey 2,586,183 27,471 2,475,329
Germany 2,341,701 65,566 2,119,100

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