Corona in the world: America, Canada and Mexico increased restrictions until March 21, during which people will not be able to travel for non-essential jobs


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  • Coronavirus Pandemic Country Wise Cases & Vaccination LIVE Update 20 February 2021; USA Pakistan China Brazil Russia France Spain Recovery Rate Covid 19 Cases US, Canada And Mexico Increased Restrictions Till March 21, During Which People Will Not Be Able To Travel For Non Essential Jobs

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The photo is from Argentina. Here, Carla Vizotti, Secretary of the Ministry of Health is going door-to-door to get information about the symptoms of corona.

Amidst the vaccination, once again in many countries of the world, the pace of growth of corona patients has started increasing. In view of this, the United States, Canada and Mexico have extended restrictions in the country till 21 March. According to this, people living here will not be able to travel for non-essential jobs. It will be necessary to tell people the reason for the trip. Till now this ban was only till 21 February.

Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden has announced that by July every American will have the vaccine dose. He said that the government is fully prepared for this. Pfizer has said that it is ready to give 10 million doses to America every week. So far, more than 5.70 crore people have been vaccinated in America. China is at number two, where the vaccine has reached 40 million people. So far 2.45 crore people have been vaccinated in European Union and 1.04 crore in India.

11.12 crore patients found so far
So far more than 11 million 12 lakh people have been caught in the infection. Of these, over 24 lakh 62 thousand people have died, while 8 crore 61 lakh people have been cured. There are 2 lakh 26 lakh patients who are undergoing treatment. Vaccines have been applied to 19 crore people of the world.

The photo is of America.  President Joe Biden arrived at the Pfizer vaccine plant on Friday.  During this time the podium was sanitized before his speech.

The photo is of America. President Joe Biden arrived at the Pfizer vaccine plant on Friday. During this time the podium was sanitized before his speech.

Corona updates

  • The World Health Organization (WHO) suspects that the corona virus was spread to humans by ferret badgers and rabbits sold in China’s Wuhan market. It was revealed in The Wall Street Journal report. However, the supplier of such and other animals is being investigated in the market. Experts are currently preparing a list of live and dead animals sold legally or illegally in Wuhan Market.
  • British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has assured that if there is a surplus vaccine in his country, he will definitely give it to poor countries. Johnson’s statement is important. Just two days ago, UN Chief Antonia Guterres made it clear that rich countries have an excess stock of vaccines and this is a danger signal for the rest of the world, especially poor countries. This statement also has diplomatic significance. Russia and China are trying to dominate in some countries through vaccine diplomacy. China is targeting poor African countries.
  • The Government of Greece has made it clear that if the citizens of Britain want to come to their country as tourists, then there is no problem, but for this they will have to have a vaccine passport. The meaning of a vaccine passport is that tourists have to tell via online documents that they have got vaccinated before reaching Greece. Doses information will also have to be given in this. Before this, Denmark and Sweden have also taken this step.
  • According to UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, there are 130 countries in the world that have not reached a single dose of the Kovid-19 vaccine. This is huge injustice. During the Security Council meeting, Guterres said – “We are very sad and angry that we could not even give 130 countries a dose of vaccine to deal with the epidemic.” At the same time, there are 10 countries where 75% of the vaccination process has been completed.

Top 10 countries, where most people have been infected so far


Infected The deaths Recovered
America 28,603,813 507,746 18,803,723
India 1,09,76,776 1,56,240 1,06,75,882
Brazil 10,030,626 243,610 8,995,246
Russia 4,125,598 81,926 3,661,312
UK 4,083,242 119,387 2,331,001
France 3,514,147 83,122 245,737
Spain 3,107,172 66,316 2,410,846
Italy 2,751,657 94,540 2,268,253
Turkey 2,609,359 27,738 2,496,833
Germany 2,362,352 67,074 2,154,600

(These figures are according to


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