Coffee Side Effects: Drinking Coffee May Have Temporarily This Side-effect, Study


People all over the world start the morning with a sip of coffee. People have different theories behind the drink. Some people consider the energy necessary to drink in the morning, while others consider it as a means of socializing. Despite the reasons for drinking a drink containing caffeine, most people agree that drinking a cup in the morning can benefit. However, drinking coffee regularly has many health benefits. However, a new research suggests that coffee can bring a slight change in the structure of the brain.

Side effects of coffee use reported in research

Research indicates that this morning habit can affect your brain, especially memory. Researchers conducted research on 20 volunteers to test the effect of coffee. The results of the research have been published in the cerebral cortex. It states that due to the 10-day ‘caffeine abstinence’, the quantity of gray matter was found higher in Volunteer than in those who did not drink caffeine. 20 healthy volunteers involved in the research were given coffee regularly. The researchers gave him two capsules, one containing caffeine and the other placebo in two different periods of 10 days. He was forbidden from drinking coffee during this period.


Brain work may be temporarily impaired

At the end of every 10-day period, the researchers scanned the brain of Volantier and looked at the gray matter. However, the initial objective of the research was to know how caffeine affects sleep quality because lack of sleep can affect the gray matter of the brain. However, the discovery revealed that Volantier’s sleep depth remained equal, whether he used caffeine or not. One researcher said, “Our results do not necessarily mean that caffeine intake has negative effects on the brain. But, drinking caffeine daily definitely affects our brainstem.” He told that the effect of caffeine on the brain can be temporary. So, this way opens the way for further research that how it can affect our daily brain work.

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