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Chanakya Niti Hindi: Chanakya has told some such things for human beings, which can be liberated from many kinds of obstacles and troubles by understanding and taking them off in life. These things told by Chanakya are very simple. Anyone can adopt them. The person who has the ability to acquire knowledge. Do not panic due to hard work, such people must adopt these things of Chanakya.

The method of extracting nectar from poison must also
According to Chanakya, only one who achieves success in life always adopts positive thoughts. Such persons seek the nectar from poison i.e. poison. Chanakya says that if nectar is also hidden in the poison, then one should try to get it. Drugs of many dangerous diseases are made from poison itself. Therefore one should not consider anything meaningless. Good things can also be obtained from bad things. This is the essence of this thing of Chanakya.

If gold is found in the dirt, it should be taken
According to Chanakya, attention should not be paid to the place where gold is found. It means to say that if the gold is seen even in the dirt, then it should be taken. Similarly, if the talent is in the mud, then it should not be delayed. Talent should always be respected.


A talented woman should be adopted in any family
According to Chanakya, if a woman is virtuous and beautiful, then one should not think too much about her family. The meaning of this is to say that even if a quality woman is in a poor family, she should try to make a life partner with respect. If you believe Chanakya, if there is a good woman in the enemy’s house, then egoism should be abandoned in relation to her. Because wherever a woman will go, full of good qualities and qualities. Only the beauty of home and family will increase.

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