Chanakya Niti Chanakya Niti In Hindi Chanakya Niti For Success In Life Only Superior Quality Can Lift Person To Heigh


Chanakya Niti Hindi: Chanakya is considered one of the best scholars of India. The words of Acharya Chanakya and the teachings given by him motivate a person to succeed in life. Chanakya was related to the world famous Taxila University. Chanakya used to provide education to students in Taxila University. Chanakya is also known as the knower of many subjects. Chanakya had good knowledge of economics, sociology, political science as well as military science and diplomacy. The scope of Chanakya’s knowledge was very vast. This is the reason that he has highlighted every subject which affects the life of a human being.

Chanakya believed that a person does not need too many special qualities to succeed. Sometimes a person can achieve success only with a quality. According to Chanakya, only a superior quality can lift a person to a height.

Akenapi Suvarna Pushpiten Sugandina
Vasantham Tadwanam Sarvan Putreen Kulham viz.

This verse of Chanakya means that a person of virtue is able to leave his influence among all by his one quality. He becomes his perfect identity of a virtue. Chanakya says that the way a plant with beautiful flowers in the entire forest can beautify the entire forest with its aroma. In the same way, only one son is enough to illuminate the name of the entire family.


Aiken dry tree tree Dahmanen vahrina.
Dahmate Tadvanam Sarvan Kuputren Kulham viz.

The sense of this verse of Chanakya policy is that just as the entire forest is consumed by burning a fire in a dry tree in the forest, similarly the entire family is destroyed when the son of a son is born and there is waste. Both of these things of Chanakya also mean that a person with virtue gets respect and a person who has a demerit is doing the act of bringing disgrace. Therefore, quality should be made.

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