Can common cold antibodies prevent covid-19 infection? Know the big thing about research


Antibodies play an important role not only in treating infections but also in preventing them. Once antibodies are made against a particular germ in the body, it can be difficult for the germ to become the cause of infection, at least for a while. It depends on how long the antibodies remain inside you.

In the case of SARS-Cove-2, it was initially found that antibodies to the same type of virus, such as a common cold virus, can give protection against the corona virus to some extent. However, researchers have now suggested that antibodies to the common cold may not be able to keep the corona virus infection away.

Do common cold viruses protect against Kovid-19?

Research was carried out at a branch of the University of Pennsylvania. Researchers tested hundreds of blood samples collected before the corona virus epidemic. Their aim was to detect antibodies to the seasonal corona virus. The results of the research have been published in early February in a journal called SAIL. Researchers found that about 20 percent of the blood samples had antibodies against the seasonal corona virus. But these antibodies were not able to neutralize the infectivity of SARS-covid-2, and those subsequently infected with covid-19 were not associated with better results.


Research on seasonal corona virus versus SARS-Cove-2

According to the press release on the discovery, researchers also found evidence that antibodies to common cold could not leave children with severe COVID-19, as previously reported. How often young children get infected and how quickly the virus spreads to others has been a matter of debate since the beginning of the epidemic. Researchers discovered that adults and children had similar levels of antibodies to seasonal corona viruses.

He explained that this proves that seasonal antibodies to the corona virus are not a factor to protect against severe symptoms of Kovid-19 in children, who do not show any signs or symptoms of corona virus. According to research, antibodies to the previous common cold infection do not prevent Kovid-19 infection.

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