Biden’s support to Indian restaurant: US President told Indian restaurant owner – I want to help you in every way, I will also come to the restaurant


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The video released by the White House has been viewed by about 2 lakh people on social media in the last 24 hours. (File photo)

The economy of the whole world has been affected due to Corona. Small businesses have not been able to overcome it yet. Recently, US President Joe Biden spoke to such small businessmen and learned about their business. During this, he spoke to Neil and Sameer Indnani, owners of ‘Non-Stop’, an Indian restaurant. During this time, he said that if he comes to Atlanta, he will definitely try to come to his restaurant.

Business stalled by Corona: Neil
On February 13, in a video released by the White House, Biden asked him about problems with the coronary. To this Neil replied that 75% of the business has come to a standstill due to the epidemic that started last year. Earlier we had 20-25 employees, which has now reduced to just 15 to 20.

In January 2011, Neil and Sameer started Naan Stop with a food truck.

In January 2011, Neil and Sameer started Naan Stop with a food truck.

Things will improve with everyone’s vaccination
Biden asked about the greatest need of the current situation. On this Neil said that the biggest need at this time is vaccination of all. Only after the vaccine will everyone be able to go out as before. Only then will the situation of small traders improve.

Biden announced a rescue plan
Biden also shared with him a rescue plan to deal with the declining economy. He said that we have planned to provide financial assistance of more than 10 billion dollars (726 billion rupees) for small businessmen. At this time, we have to invest not a little, but more and more. We want to provide you everything that can help you rebuild your business along with the fight against Corona.

Started in 2011
According to reports, in January 2011, Sameer and Neil started the non stop with a food truck. For about a year, the two brothers kept tasting their handmade food. In September 2012, the two opened the first restaurant in Atlanta. After this another restaurant opened in 2014. Today they have 3 restaurants in Georgia.


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