Bhaskar Analysis on Punjab Municipal Elections: Understand Five Questions … Congress’ victory and Akali, BJP, AAP’s defeat


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Chandigarh2 hours agoAuthor: Baldev Krishna Sharma

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Bhaskar Analysis on Punjab Municipal Elections. From the five questions, understand the victory of Congress and the defeat of BJP, Akali and Aam Aadmi Party.

Is the Congress victory surprising or is it a natural victory?
If you look at the previous results, then the person who has power in Punjab also rules the local body. He also won during the Akali-BJP coalition government. There are also reasons for the Congress to be happy. It has won an unexpected victory in Bathinda, the traditional stronghold of the Akalis. However, here is Finance Minister Manpreet Badal from the Badal family, who himself was pushing for heel-by-ward in this election. Similarly, the victory of Pathankot is also giving happiness to the Congress, because the BJP has always been strong here. BJP’s Suba Pradhan Ashwani Sharma also comes from Pathankot under Gurdaspur seat of MP Sunny Deol. He was the only senior BJP leader who was active in these elections.

How much has the issue of the farmer movement played in the victory of the Congress and the defeat of the Akali, BJP?
In the Congress victory, the issue of farmers has shown more emotional impact. This was the reason that the Congress raised the issue of farmers in cities instead of taking the risk of counting development work. The local body is the same department from which the captain removed Navjot Singh Sidhu. The Congress stood with the farmers from the beginning, so it was also easy for her to campaign against the Akalis and the BJP for anti-farmers, in which she was successful. By the time the Akali Dal broke away from the NDA against agricultural laws, the Congress had done its work. The BJP was directly on target. One effect of Andelan was also that many candidates fought Azad.

So, should we assume that the people of these areas are happy with the Congress preparing for the assembly elections?
For the Congress, this victory may work to reduce potential anticumbency, but it is too early to assume victory in the assembly. The last time the Akali-BJP won the civic elections and it was not even the No. 2 party in the assembly elections a year later. However, there is some fundamental difference between the tenure of the Congress and the Akali Dal. Akali was in power with BJP for 10 years. They were badly beset with the issue of intoxication and corruption with antiincumbency. The current tenure of the captain is 4 years. So far the negative impact of such issues is not much. They have been benefiting from weak opposition.


What does the performance of the Akali Dal, BJP and AAP indicate?
The Akali Dal and the BJP fought separate elections after 22 years. Their votes were divided. The BJP is happy that it could field a large number of candidates. The biggest challenge in this election was in front of her, because on one hand she was contesting the election alone and on the other hand, her candidates were opposing the farmers everywhere. Despite this, he has tried to find land but losing in the dominated area is a sign of future danger for him. It has a tough test before the workers to return to Moral and stop factionalism. It has become clear from the performance of the Akali Dal that it has become the number 2 party, but it has not yet become a direct option. To get into the competition, he desperately needs new thinking and new strategies. The crisis of skilled leadership in front of the Aam Aadmi Party continues till today.

How will the results affect the captain’s politics?
In Punjab, the Congress is dependent on the Captain, it is well known. It has been decided by the results that the high command will not be able to negotiate with them as per their choice before the upcoming election or during the election. The high command has a soft corner for Sidhu, but it will also be the beginning of the new captain. In view of this election, they will keep a soft attitude towards Sidhu or be tough, this too has to be decided in the coming days. It is clear that the Congress will also expect the captain who is going to be 80 years old.


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