Avoiding the truth: The Myanmar Army said – we did not do any coup; China’s cleanliness – did not help Myanmar military


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Medical students from Myanmar demonstrated in Yangon on Monday to protest against the military coup. During this time, he showed his own comrades as army and told to what extent they are being forced to go to hospitals.

It has been 17 days since the military coup in Myanmar, but the military here is not ready to believe that it has taken power by ousting a democratic government. A Myanmar army (junta) spokesperson told the media on Tuesday evening – We have not done any coup and no leader has been arrested. Some people are plotting to spread violence and rumors in the country. On the other hand, China has also dismissed allegations that it helped the Myanmar Army in the coup.

Army said- will definitely hold elections
Myanmar army spokesman Brigadier General J Min Tun held a press conference for the first time on Tuesday following the coup. Said- Our effort is that new elections should be held in the country at the earliest and hand over power to the party that wins. Despite being asked several times, Min did not say when new elections would be held. This much is said that the emergency will not be removed before one year. It also made it clear that the army does not want to stay in power for long.


Min said- We guarantee that elections will be held. The Army briefly opened the Internet and the press conference was live-streamed.

Aung San Suu Kyi is not in custody
In response to a question, Min dismissed outright that a party leader had been detained. He said- All the leaders are in their homes. Their security has definitely been increased. We also want to make it clear that there is no change in Myanmar’s foreign policy.

However, whatever the army is saying, the people of the country are not ready to trust its words. There are continuous protests here. The world is afraid that due to the shutdown of the Internet, army atrocities on people will increase and its reality will be very difficult.

Cleaning of china
China has been accused of helping Myanmar’s army for its own benefit and to have a coup there. However, Beijing dismissed the allegations. The Chinese Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying – We are monitoring the situation there. We did not provide any help to the army there. Some people are trying to tarnish China’s image. Will help bring political and social stability there.

China’s problem is now increasing in Myanmar as well. Here Buddhist monks have also taken to the streets in protest of the coup and are raising anti-China slogans.


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