Avoid These Food Your Age Will Increase


New Delhi Due to lack of balanced eating habits, many types of diseases start in people. Our immune system and muscles also become weak due to diseases. Being a part of life, we are not able to give proper diet to our body. Due to which the body starts becoming weak. At present, we need to pay special attention to catering. If we consume many things then it is beneficial for us, while many things also harm our body. People need to pay a lot of attention to diet when they reach around 50 years. In such a situation, many things should be discarded.

With aging, many diseases like blood pressure, diabetes surround our body. In such a situation, along with catering, medicines also have to be consumed. In such a situation, the intake of some fruit juice should be reduced. There is a possibility of less effect of medicines by drinking more juice, due to which the disease is controlled late.

People take raw vegetables rich in vitamins and fiber in their diet. In such a situation, because of weak body and your teeth, it should be avoided. Cook it well instead of raw vegetables and eat it. After 50 years, you can make carrot or beet juice and drink it.


Raw sprouts are not very healthy for the elderly or those with weak immune systems. In raw sprouts there is a possibility of bacteria to grow, due to which there is a risk of many diseases in the stomach. At this age salt should also be eaten less. Because eating too much salt can increase blood pressure and can have many serious consequences.

After passing the age of 50, the immune system becomes weak and weak, in such a situation, vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and rajma should be avoided. Gas starts in the stomach by eating these vegetables. If you drink alcohol, along with aging, either stop or reduce its intake.

Fresh fruits are rich in vitamins, fiber and nutrients. In this case, eat it less with increasing age because with aging, teeth also become weak. In such a situation you can eat soft fruits like banana, tarabur. Apart from this, if you are fond of caffeine, then also reduce its intake.

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