Australia shaming: Allegation of former female employee – 2 years ago, aide raped in the defense minister’s chamber in Parliament, PM did not help


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Canberra2 hours ago

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This photo of 26 year old Britney Higgins is from 2018. In this they are seen outside the Parliament. Higgins has accused himself of rape in this Parliament House.

A former government employee in Australia has accused of rape in the Parliament House. 26-year-old Britney Higgins alleges that in 2018 she went to a party one night. There he drank alcohol. A colleague brought him to the Defense Minister’s office in Parliament House. He was raped. Scott Morrison had a coalition government at the time. The Prime Minister did not properly investigate the matter. The woman has not yet named the rapist.

Britney’s charge
Higgins was then 24 years old. According to him – I went to a party with some of my colleagues. Drink alcohol there One of my colleagues offered to leave me home. But, that person took me to Parliament House instead of leaving my house. Here he raped me in the chamber of defense minister. I got some senses. Tried to stop him, but failed.

Brittany further says- I gave information about my misbehavior with my colleagues. The government and police also explained about this and gave evidence. The Democratic Party assured me of justice, but nothing has happened till now.


Name of rapist not mentioned
Britney has not yet made public the name of the man who raped her. However, it must be said that the person is an emerging politician of the Liberal Party. Brittany confessed that she was very drunk that night. He said- I had informed the Defense Minister about this. Told 12 other people about this too. Shortly after this incident, Prime Minister Morrison announced elections in the country.

Now Morrison is grieving over the incident, believing that the investigation was not done properly. Surprisingly, the party pressurized Higgins to withdraw the police complaint. Higgins is accused – I was told that if the job is to be saved, then withdraw the police case. I was a victim of injustice and I was the one who was asked to keep quiet.

According to figures released by the Australian government, one in every six girls above the age of 15 in the country is subjected to sexual violence. In many cases they fall prey to it at the work place.


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