Anti-virus layer mask can eliminate corona virus- Report


London: Scientists at the University of Cambridge working to stop the virus believe that masks prepared with this technology can protect a person by destroying the mortal corona virus in an hour. The technology of anti-virus coating is called ‘Diox’. According to ‘The Daily Telegraph’, the invisible anti-virus layer on the mask can effectively destroy the new forms of the corona virus by attacking the outer layer of the virus, including the alleged Kent virus type in Britain and the corona found in South Africa. A new type of virus is also included.

Dr. Graham Christie, senior spokesman in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology at the University of Cambridge, told the newspaper, “The anti-virus layer on the surface of the mask attacks the outer membrane of the virus and destroys it.” Unlike other parts in the transforming virus, the outer membrane is the same. Therefore, this anti-virus layer will also work on the new type of corona virus.

He said, “Even if you can change the entire genome of the virus, its shell will not be affected. We are hoping that this layer will react uniformly on all types of Corona virus as all are almost the same depending on the structure. ”


This technology is called ‘Diox’ which is based on ‘Quaternary Ammonium Salt’ (bio-compound) and its widespread use is due to its antibacterial properties in the textile industry.

Experts say that the anti-virus layer is not affected by the increase in the protein of the virus, which the virus uses to change itself. According to the news published in the newspaper, the re-used mask can be washed up to 20 times. However, its effect is dependent on washing. During the study, the scientists tested the mask on the corona virus MHV-A59 which is similar to SARS-Cove-2 based on genetics and structure.

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