Another suicide in Bollywood: MS Sandeep Nahar, co-actor of Sushant in Dhoni film, committed suicide, made serious allegations against wife in suicide note


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Mumbai16 minutes ago

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Sandeep Nahar played the role of a chieftain friend of Sushant Singh Rajput in the film MS Dhoni: The Untold Story. -File photo

Actor Sandeep Nahar, who appeared in the role of Sushant Singh Rajput’s chieftain friend in the film MS Dhoni: The Untold Story, was suicidal in Goregaon, Mumbai on Tuesday. Earlier in the evening, he posted a video on social media. In this, he made serious allegations against his wife. Till now it is not clear how Sandeep committed suicide. Mumbai Police has registered a case of suicide and started investigation. The postmortem report is currently awaited.

In the video posted on social media, Sandeep said that now he is not wanting to live. See a lot of happiness and sorrow in life. I faced the problem every time, but the trauma I am going through today is out of tolerance. I know that siding is cowardice. I also had to live, but what is the benefit of living, where there is no peace and self-respect.

Serious allegations against wife and mother-in-law
Sandeep has said, my wife Kanchan Sharma and her mother Vunu Sharma, who tried not to understand or not understand. My wife is of hyper nature and her personality and mine are different, which does not match at all. Daily bickering in the morning and evening. I no longer have the power to listen. There is no mistake of Kanchan in this. His nature is such that he feels all normal, but to me it is not normal.

I have been in Mumbai for many years. I have seen very bad times too, but never broken. Dubbing, Jim was the trainer, 6 people lived in a one-room kitchen. Struggle used to, but was relaxed. Today I have found a lot, but today after marriage is not relaxed. Life has changed completely since 2 years. I can never share these things with anyone. The world feels how well they are doing. Why they all see our social post or story, which is all a lie. To show the world a good image, but the truth is completely different.

Sandeep wrote – We are not made at all
Sandeep said about his wife that we are not made at all. Kanchan has spoken about Suicide more than 100 times in 2 years. Said that I will trap you. Look, today it has come that I have to take this step. There is a fight over past. She does not respect me. She abuses me and calls my family bad. Which is now out of my hearing. There is no fault in it, because it is mind-boggling. I do not want to say anything to him after I leave, because he will never realize his mistake. Just get it treated, so that after my departure, whoever goes to life will give happiness. Do not let my family face any problem after I leave.


Told parents- thanks
Sandeep said, ‘I want to thank my parents, because they gave me everything I wanted. Fulfilled my dream of becoming an actor. Everything I am today is because of them. I know you must all be saying so why not win for them. I would have been single if I had won. I know you need bravery to live, but for now I just apologize to my parents. For every moment when I hurt his heart. I came here to make him feel proud and wanted to do something for him by becoming something. A mistake marriage changed my life. There is no longer any desire to live.

Much politics in bollywood
Sandeep said that every stress can be faced with money, work, but this woman’s affliction is not. Mumbai gave me a lot of work, I want to thank this Maya city too. There is a lot of politics in Bollywood too. Just by giving you expectations, you eat up your time and later remove it from the project. After all that too.

People here are also very practical. No emotion, just live the false life of appearances. It was a good time, when there were raw houses, there was love among people. Everyone seemed their own. Nowadays, everyone seems alien even after being his own. Living alone in a crowd is also an art.

Kesari was seen in the film opposite Akshay Kumar
M / s. Apart from Dhoni: The Untold Story, Sandeep also played an important role in Akshay Kumar starrer ‘Kesari’ and Ekta Kapoor’s Alt Balaji web series ‘Kahane Ko Humsafar Hai’.


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