A Lucky Person Has Four Important Body Sign


Mole is in abundance in our body. Warts can also be seen in many places in the body. Everyone knows mole and moles well. Whirlpool or chakkar and garlic are only one or two. These four types of signs are related to our destiny. Whirlpools fall into the hair. Often they are found in the middle of the head hair. Many people have vortexes on their upper hairs. Apart from this, if there is more hair in the body, it can also be found in other places.

The garlic red greenish brown color mark can emerge anywhere on the skin for a different color. They are distinguished by their skin color.
If the presence of these four signs is in the right part of a man’s body, then he is very lucky. Apart from this, if a woman has all these four marks in her left part, then she is considered to be extremely lucky.


Til Chakri Garlic Masa is the right part
With Laxmi in Jahi Basai Ban section

That is, if the sign of mole, vortex wart and lahsan is in the right part of the person, then even if such a person settles down in the forest, Lakshmi stays with her.


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