2500 families dependent on gunpowder: In the greed of money, the villagers bring alive the bomb, 500 people from 34 villages have lost their hands and feet so far


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  • Raji Retti, Sitting On A Pile Of Gunpowder, Selects More Than 500 Villagers Who Have Lost Their Hands And Feet In The Blasts, The Expenses Of The Family Raising Children

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Bikaner17 hours agoAuthor: Naveen Sharma

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People scramble bombs from the firing range for scrap, so a big accident happens. Children are now running the expenses of the handicapped people.

There are 34 villages around the Mahajan firing range located near Bikaner. About 2500 families live in them. Most of them work by selling scraps from the range to run their lives. Due to the lure of money, many times the villagers bring from firing rage to live bombs. These bombs explode many times while trying to open them. So far, around 500 people have lost their hands and feet in these accidents.

Villagers carry out scraping of cannon-fired shells, missiles, landmines, bullets and bombs. The condition is that now the expenses of many families are borne by the children or pastoralism.

One such case has come up. Pemaram of Phuleji village along with his comrades went to pick up scraps in the stolen Mahajan field firing range at night. During this, he got injured due to a piece of bomb. He suffered a serious head injury, thanks to his life.

Many villagers are not registered in police records
Villagers say that the names of many people who died in the accidents around the range could not be recorded in the police records. The relatives either did not find their dead bodies or many performed the last rites without informing the police. As many as 35 soldiers have also been killed in such accidents.

Someone was cutting a bomb with a gas cutter, then someone fell victim to a landmine explosion

Case 1. Gopalsar’s Udaimam (55) was cutting bombs with a gas cutter in the contractor’s enclosure. At the same time, he burst. He lost one leg in this accident. Disabled pension comes. Children go to grazing animals. Goes through it

Case 2. Sagarmal Soni of Gopalsar is 41 years old. At the age of 12-13, he went to pick up scrap in the firing range. A small landmine burst, the claw of one hand flew and the fingers of the other hand were lost. The family is rearing pasture animals.

Case 3. Mohanlal Meghwal (42) was running a fan in the contractor’s enclosure and blowing dust from scrap. Meanwhile, the bomb exploded. One side of his body became useless.

Mahajan range was formed in 1984, foreign forces also practice here
In 1984, Mahajan Field Firing Range was created for military exercises 100-200 km from the Indo-Pak international border. 34 villages of Lunkaransar tehsil were evacuated. The villagers living in these villages were given land elsewhere. From 1987, the practice of tapas started in the range, which was later renamed Maneuvers.

The range became of international importance due to maneuvers with foreign armies. At present, the forces of America and India are doing maneuvers. Even before this, the US Army has arrived here. The armies of many countries including Russia, France have practiced here. Apart from this, the practice of Indian Army goes on.

Army gives scrap contract, yet there are incidents of theft

Since 1992, scrap contracts started in Mahajan range. During this period people from villages used to flock and pick up bombs. Used to sell them to junk. Scrap theft is still happening today. Scrap is also stolen due to lack of fencing on the bait of the range. These poor people are now getting bread for two times through handicapped pension and cattle grazing.

The sarpanch of Phuleji, Rajaram, says that there has been a decrease in accidents in the Mahajan firing range for many years. The same people go to the range who have taken scrap contracts. But thefts are still happening today. In the dark of night, people unleash bombs and sell junk. By doing so, they are risking their lives.

Sahbaram had to lose his leg when he was shot while stealing the scrap.  One of the elder brother's lungs is damaged.

Sahbaram had to lose his leg when he was shot while stealing the scrap. One of the elder brother’s lungs is damaged.

Jaswantsar’s Sahbaram (55) and elder brother Brijlal (60) along with the villagers went to steal the scrap for the first time. There was firing somewhere. They started sitting at one place and waiting for the firing to stop, that one bullet hit Sahibram’s leg and the other near his elder brother’s neck. Sahbaram had to lose his leg. Brijlal underwent treatment at SMS Hospital, Jaipur for three years. The bullet was trapped in the lungs. Doctors saved her life by performing the operation, but now only one lung has to work.

A landmine burst blew Emichand Godara's claw.

A landmine burst blew Emichand Godara’s claw.

Accidents can stop like this

  • Mahajan firing range is spread over three lakh 37 thousand acres. State highways are coming out of it. According to the rules, it should have four walls.
  • Entry of people should be strictly prohibited.
  • The contractor should immediately inform the Blind Bamas to the Army, so that they can be destroyed.


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