200 Indian-origin leaders hold top positions in 15 countries | 200 Indian-origin leaders in top leadership positions, reached the peak of power in 15 countries


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  • More than 60 leaders of Indian origin are handling cabinet positions
  • There are more than 32 million PIOs or people of Indian origin worldwide.

More than 200 people of Indian origin are in leadership positions in 15 countries of the world including America, UK. An American organization working among the Indian community has made a list of these veteran Indian celebrities. The 2021 Indyaspora Leaders List has been prepared on the basis of information on many government websites and public forums. It mentions the achievements of community leaders of Indian origin from different sectors.

America’s first female Vice President of Indian origin

According to the list, 200 leaders of Indian origin have reached the pinnacle of power in 15 countries of the world and more than 60 of them are holding cabinet positions. Referring to Kamala Harris, MR Rangaswamy, an entrepreneur and investor in Silicon Valley, says, “It is a matter of great pride that America’s first female Vice President is of Indian origin.” President’s Day is an important opportunity for us to tell people about the contribution of leaders of Indian origin.

Important positions in Australia, Canada, Singapore, Africa

The Indyaspora list has several diplomats, law makers, head senior civil servants of the Central Bank. He has made a significant place for himself in countries like Australia, Canada, Singapore, South Africa and United Arab Emirates. Member of Parliament Amy Berra, chairman of the US House Foreign Affairs Sub Committee, says, “It is a matter of pride for me to be on the 2021 Indispora Government Leaders List.” I am the longest serving Indian American in the United States. I am proud to be the leader of the Indian American community that has become an integral part of American life and society. ‘


‘Leaders of Indian origin contribute significantly to the country’s progress’

Fiji’s Minister of Education, Heritage and Arts, Rosie Akbar, says, “The leaders of Indian origin have contributed significantly to the growth of the countries they represent, it is quite inspiring.” Government policy that promotes social justice and paves the way for economic growth is important for the larger sections of society.

The government leaders on the list represent 58.7 million people

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, there are more than 32 million people of Indian origin (PIO) worldwide and according to this the community of Indians abroad is the largest. According to a statement issued by Indyaspora, the government leaders on the list represent 58.7 million people.

Apart from the people who went from India to the list, there were also professionals born there.

The veterans included in the Indyaspora list include people from India in countries such as Singapore, South Africa, Britain, Canada and the US, as well as professionals born there. Initially, most of the people who went abroad from India went in search of livelihood, while the people of the later generations went there for writing.

The 2021 Indyaspora Leaders List features Indian-origin leaders from the US, Canada, Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, Suriname, Ireland, Britain, Portugal, South Africa, Mauritius, Malaysia, Singapore, Fiji, Australia and New Zealand.

Neera Tandon in addition to Kamala Harris in American Top Leadership List

Apart from Kamala Harris, Neera Tandon is the Director of Management and Budget in the White House office in the Indian-American Top Leadership list. The list also names MPs like Amy Bera (California), Pramila Jaipal (Washington), RO Khanna (California), Raja Krishnamurthy (Illinois).


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