Makar Sankranti 2021 Festival Makar Sankranti Khichdi Baba Gorakhnath Defeated Alauddin Khilji In Battle History


Makar Sankranti 2021: Makar Sankranti will be celebrated across the country on 14 January. According to the Panchang, this day is the Pratipada date of Paush Shukla Paksha. When the Sun enters Capricorn, it is called Makar Sankranti. On Makar Sankranti, special importance of charity, bathing and worship is told.

Donation done on Makar Sankranti gives akshay fruits. Makar Sankranti is also called the festival of Khichdi. On this day, khichdi is offered to the deities and khichdi is offered as prasad. On the day of Makar Sankranti, there are many stories related to the donation and enjoyment of Khichdi, some of which are also related to history. Let’s know about these stories-

Khichdi’s tradition is associated with Baba Gorakhnath
According to the legend, when Alauddin Khilji became the Sultan of the Delhi Sultanate in the 13th century, he invaded North India to seize power. Baba Gorakhnath and his devotees took the front to stop Khilji’s army. Baba Gorakhnath is considered an incarnation of Shiva. Baba Gorakhnath and his devotees took equal iron from the huge army of Khilji. The devotees of Baba continued to fight hungry thirst with Alauddin Khilji’s army. Due to constant war, devotees of Baba Gorakhnath do not get time to cook food. Due to this, the devotees started getting weak and defeated in the battlefield. Seeing the situation, then Baba Gorakhnath prepared a dish with the help of rice, lentils and seasonal vegetables. Which he named Khichdi.


Devotees of Baba used to make and eat khichdi. Eating this brings energy to their body and gives a befitting reply to enemies. Due to the consumption of khichdi, the devotees did not even feel weakness while fighting in the battlefield. Seeing this enthusiasm of Baba and devotees, Alauddin Khilji’s huge army got badly nervous. Since then, the tradition of making and eating khichdi started on this festival.

It is a tradition among Nath yogis to celebrate the festival of Makar Sankranti with great pomp. Khichdi is accepted as Prasad on this day. On the day of Makar Sankranti, Khichdi fair is also organized on behalf of Baba Gorakhnath Temple in Gorakhpur. Khichdi is offered to Baba Gorakhnath on this day. Khichdi is also donated on the festival of Makar Sankranti.

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