In the initial days, less than 50 per cent of the people who got the vaccine, Delhi’s Health Minister said – not worried about the figures


new Delhi: Vaccination of the corona virus has started in the country, but the number of vaccinators is seen very less in the initial days. In Delhi, 53.32 percent people got vaccinated on the first day, while on the second day this figure decreased further and reached 44.22 percent. That is, 50 percent of the people who were registered did not come to get the vaccine. However, Delhi Health Minister Satyendar Jain is not worried about these figures. He says that whatever figure it is, it is not worrying. Gradually, people will get excited about vaccination, 44 percent of those who had the vaccination plan have got vaccinated. Confidence of the people will be built gradually. We are still counseling people. People are told all the issues.

Satyendra Jain, during this time, accepted the talk of disturbances in the Kovin app. The question is that if the app itself does not run smoothly, then how will the information reach people. He says that there are problems in the app as well. There are some glitches. Cowin app is the only app created by the central government. Right now we are working on the central government’s app.

Such statements about the vaccine came from the leaders of the Opposition, which created a mistrust among the people for the vaccine. Giving clarification on this, he says that no statement is going to make any difference. Not getting a vaccine is a personal decision. Not even 50 percent of the registered health workers came to get the vaccine. But Satyendra Jain feels that the 50 per cent number is also very large. They say that less people are getting vaccinated. 50 percent is also a very large number. Government is taking all steps for awareness.


However, he also did not rule out the side effects of the vaccine. He told that many people have received reports of side effects. He told that two people had serious side effects. 24 people had normal side effects. On the other hand, the public says that we are not scared about the vaccine. The public is ready for vaccination. People said that there is no vaccine yet, but we will get it installed. We do not know if it is dangerous or not. People say that there is no doubt in the mind about the vaccine.

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