Covid-19: Complete roadmap for vaccination is ready, such is the preparation of vaccination


new Delhi: Vaccination is going to start on January 16 after the approval of two Corona vaccines in India. The Government of India has ordered both vaccines and these will be given to both people. The government has also made it clear that both the vaccines are safe and effective, in which case no one will be given this option. They will be available from both of them. At the same time, let us tell you how this vaccination will happen…

The Indian government has created an operational guideline regarding the corona vaccine. The complete blueprint of how the vaccination will be done is ready. In the first phase, a plan has been prepared for how 30 million people get this vaccine. First of all, this vaccine will be given to the health care worker i.e. doctor nurse paramedics, their number is about one crore. After this, the frontline workers i.e. State Police, Paramilitary Police, Armed Forces, Sanitization Workers will be given whose number is close to two crore. The government will install this vaccine for these three crore people.

After this, there will be 27 crore people whose age is more than 50 years or those who are below 50 years of age, who have serious illness. They will be vaccinated when the first three million people will be engaged.

Dr. VK Paul, President of the Vaccine Expert Committee for the Vaccine, said that the vaccination program starting on the 16th will start from about 3000 centers.

NITI Aayog member (health) Dr VK Paul said that after vaccination of 3 crore health care workers and frontline workers in the first phase, the work of giving vaccine to 27 crore people will be done slowly. He said that first an effort will be made to implement this phase well, only then will the next steps be taken.

How and What is Corona Vaccine Guideline

  • The time to vaccinate will be from 9 am to 5 pm. There will be about one session in a day and about 100 to 200 people will be given the vaccine.
  • About 30 crore people will be vaccinated in the first phase. It includes health care workers, frontline workers and those who are more than 50 years of age and have any other disease, as well as those who are less than 50 years of age, such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease. Health care workers i.e. people like doctors, nurses, paramedics who work in government and non-government hospitals. Frontline workers i.e. the three army, para military forces, municipal workers and the state police.
  • Their data is already with the state and central government and will be uploaded by them on the Cowin IT platform.
  • There will be a team of five people for vaccination. He will be called Vaccinator Officer. The first vaccinator will be on the officer’s entry, which will be allowed to come to the center only after viewing the document. After this, another officer will mix data from Co Win. The third vaccine officer will be a doctor / nurse or paramedic and he will give the vaccine. The remaining two vaccinators will see the patient for 30 minutes and will also control the crowd.
  • After vaccination, you have to wait for 30 minutes.
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  • Registration for vaccination will be done only on the Co Win app. Can be uploaded by Central Ministry, State Government and District Administration. Apart from this, people above 50 years of age who have any other disease can also upload their own information.
  • If a person is uploading their information by themselves, then they will have to give 15 documents. This Aadhaar Card, Driving License, Health Insurance Smart, Card issued by Union Ministry of Labor, MNREGA Job Card, PAN Card Passbook issued by Bank or Post Office, Passport, Pension Document, Service Identity Card Voter Card.
  • The CoWin IT platform is not available to people right now, but will be available soon.
  • Special care will be taken for distance and cleanliness during vaccination.
  • Instructions have been given to the state governments to make necessary preparations for vaccination. Committees formed at the state level and district level have also been held for this.
  • Guidelines have also been issued on how to run the syringe and the rest of the medical waste after vaccination.
  • After the first vaccine dose, the second dose will be given after 28 days.
  • There is a difference of 28 days between the first dose of the vaccine and the second. At the same time, even after both doses of the vaccine, it may take about 14 days to make antibodies. In such a situation, caution is needed even after getting a dose or both.

Doctor Sanjay Rai of Community Medicine AIIMS said that the Indian Drug Regulator ie DCGI has given emergency use authorization to vaccines of both Bharat Biotech International Limited and Serum Institute of India. Both have received approval to use the vaccine only after the data is found to be safe and immunogenetic. And so the government has taken this vaccine from both the pharmaceutical companies and it will be decided to give it. At the same time, according to the Union Health Ministry, in many countries of the world, multiple vaccines of corona are available at this time but there is no option to apply it by choice. The same will happen in India.

Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan said that there is a system of multiple vaccines in many countries of the world. But nowhere in the world does the beneficiary get the option to get the vaccine of his choice.

According to experts, there may be many vaccines available for this in the coming time, but now both of these are the two, which have been approved by the government after thorough investigation and data analysis. At the same time, both these vaccines are absolutely safe.

What did AIIMS doctor Puneet Mishra say
Puneet Mishra, Doctor of Community Medicine, AIIMS, said that right now I do not think there are options. After 1 year from now, what will be the situation, we do not have 10 vaccines. We have to adopt the vaccine available right now. And the best part is that both are effective and I would say that wherever the vaccine is available, it is being provided by the Government of India. I do not think that choice is needed right now, but there will be vaccines when people have choices. Now you can only trust that the vaccine that has been approved in India is safe and both are good.

How much does the vaccine cost
In such a situation, don’t think about which vaccine … According to the government and experts, both are safe and both are very effective. Let me tell you that the government has bought the vaccine after getting emergency use authorization of both vaccines from Drug Controller General of India. The Government of India has purchased 110 lakh doses of 200 rupees per dose from Serum Institute of India. Tax is not included in this 200 rupees. At the same time, India has taken 55 lakh doses from Biotech International Limited. Out of this, 38.8 lakh vaccine doses have been purchased for Rs. 295 / – per dose. While 16.5 lakh doses Bharat Biotech International Limited has given free to the Government of India. Because of doing this, the government says that the price of these 55 lakh vaccines is Rs 206 / – per dose.

All the ordered orders have arrived in cold storage
According to the Union Health Ministry, all the ordered orders have reached cold storage. The storage facility is fully ready to keep them. There are 41 large vaccine cold storage facilities of central government and state government in India. It has 4 large storage GMSDs in Karnal, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai. There is also a state vaccine store in the states. There are 9 in Uttar Pradesh, 4 in Madhya Pradesh, 4 in Gujarat, 3 in Kerala, 2 in Karnataka, 2 in Jammu and Kashmir and 2 in Rajasthan. Vaccines will be sent to the vaccine session site from these storage facilities.

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