Corona infection rate of 0.36% in Delhi, Satyendra Jain said – Corona’s third peak ends


new Delhi: With the introduction of Corona Vaccination Drive in Delhi, there is also news of relief on Corona figures. In Delhi, the infection rate of corona has reached 0.36 percent, which is the lowest level ever. Meanwhile, the Health Minister of Delhi has said an important thing related to Corona. Satyendra Jain has claimed that the third peak of Corona in Delhi is over now. Satyendra Jain has said that Corona cases are getting reduced considerably. The positivity rate has remained consistently below 0.5 percent. We can say that the third peak of Corona in Delhi is over. Nevertheless, I would like to say that one must be vigilant and wear a mask. People have followed the guidelines for one and a half months and corona cases have reduced with the support of the public.

According to the data released by the Health Department of the Government of Delhi on 17 January, 67 thousand 463 people underwent the corona test in Delhi in the last 24 hours, out of which the number of RT-PCR tests was 40,102 while the number of rapid antigen tests was 27,361. It is a matter of relief that out of about 67 thousand people who have undergone corona test, only 0.36 percent people have been found to be corona infected.


In the last 24 hours, 246 new cases of corona have been reported while the number of corona cases recorded daily in the month of November reached 8593. The total number of corona cases in Delhi has reached 6,32,429.

In the month of November in Delhi, the total number of active cases had crossed 44 thousand, while till 17 January the number of active corona patients in Delhi has been 2,544. At the same time, the maximum number of deaths on a single day in the month of November was registered till 131, while on January 17, 8 death cases have been registered.

The highest positive rate in Delhi was recorded at 15.33 percent on November 15, 2020. A total of 9,522 patients were admitted to hospitals on 21 November 2020 in Delhi, while according to the Health Bulletin released on 17 January, there are 1,101 patients admitted in Delhi’s hospitals.

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