Chanakya Niti Geeta Updesh With Cleanliness Person Gets Blessings Lakshmi Ji Key To Success And Safalta Ki Kunji


Safalta Ki Kunji: According to Chanakya policy of Chanakya, Lakshmi ji is the goddess of wealth. Until the grace and blessings of Laxmi ji are attained in life, the person keeps on battl ing with troubles and conflicts. In the absence of wealth, a person’s life is surrounded by obstacles.


The need for money is not limited to only means. Money also motivates a person to remain active in material life. Wealth gives a person confidence. It is very important to have confidence to complete any task successfully. Those who know these things hidden behind money, use the money very carefully while those who do not know this, face the crises when the time comes.

According to Chanakya, money is the best friend of a person’s worst time. Therefore, one should use money very thoughtfully. To get the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi, we need to know these things-

Do not be tempted, believe in karma
The sermon of the Gita in which Lord Krishna tells Arjuna that a person should keep doing karma. The mantra to please Lakshmi is hidden in the teachings of Geeta. Lakshmi ji gives her blessings to the person who works hard to achieve the goal. To please Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, hard work, hard tenacity is equal. Therefore, Lakshmi ji likes such people. That is what a person covets. Laxmi ji keeps away from wrong acts due to greed.

Adopt cleanliness
Laxmi ji likes to go to the place where the rules of cleanliness are followed seriously. Everyone knows about the importance of cleanliness. A clean person stays away from diseases. A person without disease is able to work harder. Wealth comes from wealth, so special care should be taken for cleanliness.

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