Chanakya Niti Chanakya Niti In Hindi Chanakya Niti For Success In Life Greed And Wrong Company Provide Harsh Punishment


Chanakya Niti Hindi: Chanakya is counted among the best scholars of India. Chanakya had his own noted teacher. Chanakya’s fame spread to many countries. Chanakya also had deep knowledge of economics along with political science, sociology, diplomacy, military science.

Chanakya had studied everything affecting human beings very closely. Chanakya recorded what he learned and learned on the basis of experience and study in his Chanakya policy.

Chanakya policy of Chanakya motivates a person to become successful in life. The popularism of Chanakya policy continues even today. A large number of people still study it today. Chanakya policy expla ins how to make a man desperate in happiness and sorrow.
Chanakya believed that human beings should always follow the rules. A person who does not follow the rules has to suffer, while breaking the rules also brings disgrace. According to Chanakya, humans should stay away from certain activities.


Wrong company should be discarded immediately
According to Chanakya one should always sit in good company. Saints also believe that Sangat has the most impact on the character of a person. If the person sits in a good company then the person develops mind and brain. One gets inspiration to succeed in life. At the same time, when a person adopts the wrong company, sometimes he has to face not only inadequate punishment but also severe punishment.

Do not let the habit of greed flourish
According to Chanakya, greed is a habit that causes the most harm to a person. The mind of a greed person is never calm. No matter how much he does it, he is never satisfied, and after achieving one thing, his desire increases again. Such people are also jealous of the progress of others. Such people often miss out on big opportunities due to greed and in the end such people have to face many problems.

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