Before applying the Corona vaccine, you must do these two things, know the useful news


The corona figures that have been running in the world for a year are not being taken by Tham. To prevent corona, many countries have made vaccines and have started the vaccination process. The work of sending vaccine to the people has started in India too.

According to the data released, more than 19 lakh people have received the first dose of Corona vaccine so far in India. The government is working on reaching the vaccine to as many people as possible. In the first phase, this vaccine is being made available to Front Line Works. Also all those people who need more are included in this phase. According to sources, the government can start the walk-in-vaccination process in the coming years and become more vaccination centers.

Sleep and exercise will help you

Right now the vaccine seems to be a safe and easy way to avoid the danger of corona. But according to a study, the special effect of vaccine will reach your body only when you include these two tasks in your daily routine. According to the study, proper sleep and exercise is very important for your body.


According to the study, if the immunity system of your body is not good, then only vaccine cannot be saved from corona. You have to strengthen your immunity. Taking too much stress, getting depressed can spoil your immune system. At the same time, proper sleep and a little exercise helps in building your immunity system.

Sleep helps to increase immunity

According to the study, before taking the vaccine, you need to exercise with good sleep. You should keep in mind that you should get proper sleep for about two days before getting the vaccine. That means at least 8 hours of sleep. At the same time, exercise will also prove to be better for your body. Actually, according to the report, by getting good sleep, your immunity not only increases as well as antibodies are made faster. At the same time, exercise helps in maintaining your immunity.

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