Weekly Discriber: Which Apps and Technology Were Updated 1 to 7 November, 2020 | Now you will be able to pay with WhatsApp, messages will also be auto deleted after 7 days; Read all the app updates this week


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  • Weekly Discriber: Which Apps And Technology Were Updated 1 To 7 November, 2020

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You like technology, but due to the lack of time, you are unable to read the news related to it, then we have brought a Tech Describer to you. In this one news, we will tell you about the new technology launching this week with the updated apps. So let’s start with the weekly Disclaimer.

1. Now pay with WhatsApp
This week has been named after WhatsApp features. The company has also rolled out the payment feature with many necessary updates. The company gave this information through a blog post. The National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) has approved WhatsApp to start UPI based payment service. WhatsApp is Facebook’s subsidiary company. Gradually its update will come to users.

After getting approval from NPCI, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg released a video statement saying that WhatsApp’s payment service will be available in the WhatsApp version of 10 regional languages. Zuckerberg said that no payment will be levied for payment through WhatsApp. WhatsApp has more than 400 million users in India. The company had been waiting for approval to start a payment service for the last 2 years. WhatsApp was testing the payment service through about 1 million users.

2. Redesigned Storage Management Tool
WhatsApp is rolling out a redesigned storage management tool to remove junk messages. This tool helps WhatsApp users to easily identify, review and bulk delete to empty the storage capacity on their phone. The tool also makes it easy to view and delete unnecessary files that were shared repeatedly on the app.

How to use this tool

  • When this tool comes into your phone after it is rolled out, you will be able to access the redesigned storage management tool by going to WhatsApp Settings> Storage and Data> Manage Storage.
  • Earlier, WhatsApp was only listing chats under the ‘Storage Usage’ section, through which users could free up just a few of their phones.
  • However, the new change will provide a new experience with an all-new interface, which provides a dedicated bar to tell how much storage has been consumed by WhatsApp media content, along with other apps.
  • There will also be a dedicated option in the app to view media files that have been shared many times. This will help in finding and removing unnecessary forward files easily.
  • The redesigned storage management tool lists files whose size is larger than 5MB. This will allow you to sort files according to size and review them before deletion.
  • Re-designing maintains the existing chat list from where you can view threads that are consuming more storage.

3. Disappearing feature also came
WhatsApp has rolled out a new dispensing feature for users. The feature was constantly being discussed for the past few days. The special feature of this feature is that after seven days, the messages will automatically disappear or be deleted. This feature will work on both individual and group chat. Many times WhatsApp hangs when we do not delete the chat. Due to the media message of more messages, the phone also becomes slow.


How to apply this setting

  • Open the individual or group chat on which you want to apply this feature.
  • Now go to the chat profile or tap on the name of the contact or group.
  • Here at the bottom you will see the option of Disappearing Messages, tap on it
  • As soon as tapping here, the prompt of Continue will come, tap on it again.
  • Now this feature will be turned on for the contact or group whose message will appear in the chat box.

4. Google’s Keep Chrome By-Bye
Google has many products that are not being used by users. One name in this list is also funnel chrome. In such a situation, now the company is going to close this app forever. According to Google, that funnel will shut down Chrome in February 2021 forever.

The company said that it has a long plan where it will gradually close its Chrome apps. Currently, after opening the Chrome app, users get information that it will be sent to the browser from the Chrome app. The Chrome OS lock screen will no longer be available to anyone. Explain that with the help of Keep Chrome extension, you can save any webpage, photo, quotes on the system.

5. Many categories in Google messages
Google has started releasing a new update of its Android messaging app Google Messages. After this, the messages will be divided into categories. That is, one time password (OTP) messages will appear in one place and the transactions coming from the bank will appear in one place. Google was testing this feature for a long time. Users who want to use this feature can turn it on by going to the messaging app from the settings and those who do not want to use it can turn it off. Users can also change the category as per their convenience.

6. Facebook gets dark mode
Finally Dork mode has been rolled out on the app by social media platform Facebook. Android users as well as iOS users can take dark mode updates on the app. A few months ago, Facebook announced to support dark mode on mobile.

How to apply this setting

  • First of all update your app to use Facebook’s Dark Mode feature on mobile.
  • Now click on the top right corner of the mobile to turn dark mode on the app.
  • After this click on Setting & Privacy option.
  • If Dark Mode is rolled out on your smartphone, then Dark Mode will appear.
  • After that tap on Dark Mode and enable it.

7. New iOS update released
Apple has released the update of iOS 14.2 and iPad OS 14.2. Various bugs have been fixed including new wallpapers, emoji with new updates. You can update your iPhone now. There will be more than 100 new emoji with iOS 14.2 update. According to Apple, these include animals, food, faces, household objects, musical instruments and gender inclusive emojis.


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