US study claims: Children recovering from corona have lower risk of re-infection, but double risk of exposure to infected


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Apurva mandavali. A new study has emerged in the US about antibodies made in patients recovering from coronavirus. According to the study, the antibodies produced in children recovering from coronavirus are much weaker than adult. According to Donna Farber, an immunologist at Columbia University, children can cause infection even a few days after recovering from corona. That is, even after recovering, there is a risk of coronation from children.

However, experts also believe that having weak antibodies in children does not necessarily mean that they are at risk of having corona symptoms again.

Strengthen children’s immune system

Depta Bhattacharya, an immunologist at the University of Arizona, says that the immune system of children recovering from corona becomes slightly weaker than normal. It is very important that parents focus on strengthening their immune system. Children are often very careless about food and drink. They like fast food and snacks more. Therefore, the role of parents becomes important that they keep a special watch on children’s food.

Focus on strengthening the children’s immune system

  • Milk turmeric
  • Green leafy vegetables
  • Sprouted Seeds and Nuts
  • dry fruit
  • excercise

Risk is high even in children having mild symptoms

  • Dr. Farber and his colleagues studied the corona victims of different age groups. During the study, it was found that antibodies are found more in those with mild symptoms. Whereas the heavier ones are less. According to the study, corona patients with mild symptoms have less weakness due to which the immune system of the body is recovered quickly. While the weaknesses are very high in heavy systems, it takes 50 to 90 days for their immune system to recover.
  • Due to these reasons, the number of corona antibodies in the plasma of milded symptoms is found to be higher than those of heavy symptoms. Children under the age of 16 tend to have a lot of weakness due to corona, even if they have mild symptoms. Due to this, antibodies in their body are very low.

Only one type of antibody is made in children.


  • Immunologist Peter Brodin at the Karolinska Institute says that after coronavirus there is a risk of many diseases and syndromes. The body produces a variety of antibodies to fight against all of this. But in children under 16 years, the same type of antibody is made, which is called IGG.
  • Due to this one antibody being made in children, the antibody count is found to be lower than adult. However, it is not a matter of being very panic because this single antibody is also very effective in fighting the corona. However, it is not as effective for fighting other diseases and viruses.
  • Therefore it is necessary to strengthen the children’s immune system. Children recovering from coronavirus remain at risk for other diseases for the next 3 months. So parents should take care of their safety as much as possible.

Risk of recurrence in children more than twice normal

  • According to experts, the risk of infection due to more weakness and weak antibodies in the recovered children is twice as high as that of normal children. Therefore, ask the children to follow the Corona protocol correctly.
  • The risk of coronavirus infection is higher in those whose immune system is weak. The immune system of children recovering from coronaviruses weakens by 50% from normal for the next 50 days. This means that the risk of recurrence in cured children remains up to 90%, whereas it is usually 50% risk of infection.

More care is needed in winter

  • Normal viral usually spreads more in winter. Therefore, children who have recovered from corona need more care. Children under 10 years of age who have recovered from corona also have an increased risk of snowphilia. If the cold in winter is not cured for 3 months, it can turn into snowfallia.
  • If the children recovering from corona will get more cold during the winter season, then it may take more days than usual to recover. Therefore children need more care in winter.


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