US: IBM apologizes 52 years after transgender was fired


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Maria Kramer | New York29 minutes ago

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Lynn Conway (file photo).

Lynn Conway was a computer engineer in August 1968 at IBM’s California office. One day he received a call from the company director Jean Meran Amdal’s office. Amdal was quite comfortable when he came to know about Conway that she was thinking of getting a gender change. But not Thomas J. Watson Jr., the company’s chief executive. One day Conway finds out that he has been fired. Conway was called by the company again after 52 years of this incident and spoke to them. Last month, IBM Senior Vice President Diane Gerson told Conway that the company wanted to help employees like you and Conway, now 82 years old, was awarded a lifetime award for her work.


Can not be removed for being gay or transgender
Conway says- It was unexpected for me. The apology came four months after the Supreme Court ruling that no one could be fired for being gay or transgender. Rochle Diamond, Conway’s friend and scientist at the California Institute of Technology, says he learned about the apology last Friday when Transgender Day was being celebrated.

Christina Burns, another Conway friend, says that Conway never expressed unhappiness over the way he was fired. But he will surely like this apology. Conway joined IBM in 1964.

Even after being fired, he underwent surgery and began to reinvigorate himself. In 1973 he worked at the Xerox Research Center, where he designed the computer chip design that is adopted worldwide today. In 2000, she designed a website, where she writes on topics such as gender identity.


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