Unique trick to stop China: Taiwan puts anti-landing spikes on the beach so that Chinese soldiers can not come


Kinmen2 hours ago

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There has been a long-standing tension between China and Taiwan. This was further compounded last month when a scuffle broke out between diplomats of the two countries in Fiji. In such a situation, Taiwan fears that the Chinese army may attack anytime. Therefore, in view of security, Taiwan has put anti-landing spikes (iron pointed sticks) on the seasides of Kinmen Island so that the Chinese army cannot reach there by sea route. Not only this, tanks have also been deployed at some distance from the spikes.


They are visible from far away in the sea. However, there is a contradiction among the people of Taiwan that a memorial is being built on the seashore. On the other hand media reports say that there is a constant danger of fighting between the two countries. The US may also have to join Taiwan as an ally.


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