This is wrong: Biden supporters bought 75% more alcohol on the day of election in the US and 33% more than Trump supporters


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Vot ing for the presidential election took place on November 3 in the US. The results have not been announced. However, Democrat Candidate Joe Biden’s victory seems certain. Republican nominee and President Donald Trump seems to be lagging behind. However, on the last day of voting i.e. November 3, the consumption of alcohol was rampant in America.


Sales of liquor and other alcoholic drinks increased 75% in Democratic Party-ruled states (Blue State). At the same time, this figure was 33% in the states with Republican Party government. The special thing is that the consumption of alcohol in the swing states also increased by 55%.

Democrats were confident of victory
An American company released statistics on alcohol consumption on Election Day. Accordingly, the Democrats were confident of victory. Perhaps this is why Blue State had the largest increase in alcohol sales. Blue states are those states where the Democratic Party (Joe Biden) dominates. On November 3, liquor sales rose 75%. Now that the results are coming, Joe Biden is ahead of President Trump. However, the results have not yet been officially released.

Major blue state
New York
Rhodes island
new Jersey

Republicans lagged behind
In states where the Republican Party (Donald Trump) is in government, sales of alcohol or other drugs increased by 33% on Election Day. In the results, Trump is trailing Democratic Party candidate Biden. However, during this time he was also seen rigging and claiming victory.

Red states

Happy swing states
The interesting figure is of the swing states. Swing states means those states which cannot be called strong hold of a party. The voters here keep changing their choices. This time 9 states were considered swing states. There was a 55% increase in drug sales.

Swing states

Colorado Florida Minnesota North Carolina Ohio Arizona Georgia Pennsylvania Texas

Which drugs are involved
The survey company incorporated wine, beer, wine, marijuana.


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