Taunted on Trump’s insistence: Obama said – if someone hides in the White House, we will send Navy SEAL commandos and chase him


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Washington40 minutes ago

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The photo is from 23 November 2010. On this day North Korea attacked the soldiers of South Korea. Obama took information about this from officers.

US President Donald Trump has lost the election. However, he has not admitted defeat and is trying legal tricks. Trump has not exited the White Highs since November 3. Now former President Barack Obama has expressed his stubbornness. During an interview, Obama said – If someone had sat in a corner of the White House, I would have sent him out and sent a team of our Navy SEAL commandos.

Navy SEALs are considered as the most dangerous commando squad not only in America. Navy SEAL Commandos killed Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad, Pakistan on the night of 2 May 2011.

Taunt of obama
Obama on Friday joined the famous TV show ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ in connection with the promotion of his book ‘A Promised Land’. During this, he answered many questions. Most of the questions were of amusing type. In the meantime, Jimmy asked Obama – is there any place in the White House where someone hides for fear of being fired and is difficult to find? Barak responded with a laugh – I think we can chase away anyone hiding there by sending our Navy SEAL commandos.


Did not name trump
There were many occasions during the show that Obama should have named Trump, but the former US president avoided it. However, after the elusive question, Obama was a little concerned and hoped that the transfer of power would be completed with ease and peace.

When will the power transfer start
In the US, the General Service Administration has the highest responsibility of functioning if the government changes. This is the team that transitions. So far it has not issued any notification. It is believed that this notification will be issued after the meeting of the Electoral College on 14 December. After this, Trump would have no constitutional way out of leaving the White House. A decision on matters of election rigging by them will also come by then.

In response to a question, Obama said – When I became President in 2008, George Bush Jr. ordered his officers to complete the transition work fast. Then there was the economic downturn. We have to respect each other.


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