Success Story in Coronkaal: Started the business of notebook with scrap from 15 thousand, then created IT company, now acquired by HIG Group of America


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  • Started The Business Of Notebook With Scrap From 15 Thousand, Then Built IT Company, Now HIG Group Of America Acquired

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Monesh Jain (File Photo)

(Geetesh Dwivedi) The Kovid era has brought big news from the IT sector. Indore-based IT company Northout has been acquired by Ease Castle Integration, a subsidiary of US-based group HIG. The HIG group, with a turnover of Rs 3.5 lakh crore, was eyeing Northout for three years.

HIG recently finalized the deal, seeing the work of Northout in Artificial Intelligence and Digital Transformation. Now the company will also expand the Indore campus with the US and Europe. The important thing is that North Out started only 6 years ago and it was started by Monesh Jain of Indore. In such a short span of time, the company provided services to several major insurance, finance and health care companies in the US and Europe.

Northout is working with America’s Top 5 Insurance Companies. The company employs 160 IT campuses in Indore and 25 IT professionals in Boston. The HIG group, which is part of Northout, employs 100 IT, insurance, banking services companies.

Multinational companies used to bring copies in Khajuri market by keeping t hem on bicycles


An engineering engineer from SGSITS, Monesh started his business by printing and selling notebooks with his brother Ashish. Monesh used to make and sell notebooks from newsprint paper material. In this, he paid 15 thousand rupees from father Parasmal Jain. Were borrowed. Monesh himself used to go to Khajuri Bazar by bicycle, loaded the goods on the carrier behind. In the first month, he spent 12 thousand rupees. Earned. However, he left work midway due to studies. After completing engineering, he went to Texas for a master’s degree.

In 2012-13, the CEO of a large grocery chain company in the world was looking for a helpful company or startup to start a software company by doing business changes. In meeting him, Monesh thought that such startups would be needed by many companies who are looking to shift to the IT sector. He left the job and started a startup in Indore with Ashish. In the beginning, Monesh says that many big supply chains met the CEOs of grocery companies, everyone used to listen to us, but they used to go back to work.

They would say – you guys are still small, you will not be able to do such a big job. Gradually some people got the work done, seeing them, confidence in some other companies of America will be built. In this way, the startup of two people became a company in the IT sector. After this, he worked in Artificial Intelligence for many big companies of America and Europe.

Land seen in Super Corridor and Simhasa, company’s campus will increase five times

In terms of Indore, this agreement is special because Ease Castle has said to expand the campus here up to 5 times. Monesh says that the company’s CEO John Kahle has taken complete information about the IT sector growth of Indore in eight months. The company is planning a new campus in the Super Corridor or Sinhasa. It will provide employment to at least 1 thousand people. This will lead to entry of another large multinational company in Indore in the coming days.


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