Side effects of lockdown: Increased cheating habit in children due to online exam, 4 ways parents-teachers can stop it


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8 hours ago

Kwame Anthony Appiah. Corona has also served to spoil health as well as habits. Especially the children. The reason for this is not going to school. Children have been studying online for almost 9 months, giving test exam online as well. In such a situation, the habit of cheating has arisen in children. There is no way to stop this.

One such case has been seen in New York, USA. Professor K. Philosophy here Anthony says that one of his students performed very poorly in the exam on the zoom. Reason- He was helping friends in online cheating and not writing himself. This new culture and the changes in children’s habits due to it are very dangerous. We have to take effective steps to stop online cheating.

Parents and teachers how to stop the online-cheating habit?

  • We must first eliminate the feeling of greed within children. This feeling promotes many misdeeds including imitation in children. Online exam pattern will have to be changed. So that the scope of copying can be eliminated.
  • For this, teachers can suddenly adopt the old methods of test takers. With this, children will not be ready for cheating nor will be able to plan for cheating. According to experts, not believing in oneself also leads to duplication. In such a situation, the responsibility of teachers and parents is to instill confidence in children.
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  • However, the method of surprise test may not be applicable to students of quantitative subject. Not at all in higher classes, because many types of online classes have started running now. Children can easily see the answer to any question on the Internet. For this we need to promote moral values ​​within children.

Two important things for children-

1. Copying is intellectual laziness

We have to convince students that cheating is wrong and has many disadvantages. This is a kind of intellectual laziness, which provokes us to cheating. We should not be lenient about cheating and doing things.

Children have to be made responsible towards studies. They have to be told that doing their job the wrong way is a fraud with parents and teachers.

Children have to be told that they and their classmates suffer from cheating. If the performance of the student is not good in the class and the numbers are good in the test, then the teacher will immediately catch the student’s theft. The real meaning of the exam is how you are performing. What is your level of education

2. Enhance moral values ​​of children

Ethics deals with three things. First virtue ethics, how does it mean your character. Deontology, ie how responsible you or your child is. Consequentialism is another thing, it means that your action results are dependent on it.


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