Scared: 70% of Long Kovid patients are suffering from organ damage, all that is needed to know


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new Delhi28 minutes agoAuthor: Gaurav Pandey

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  • 500 corona patients from low-risk group included in UK study
  • Organs like heart, lung, liver and pancreas are also harming

Corona is also damaging the organisms of young and healthy people. A recent study found evidence of this. According to the study, patients with low-risk group had multiple organ damage after 4 months of infection. The study also revealed symptoms that persist for a long time in patients recovering from corona. This is called long covid.

What did the study reveal?

Initial reports from the first 200 people included in the study showed that 70% of patients had one or more organ damage with corona. These include organs such as heart, lung, liver and pancreas.

How was the study done?

This study is done by cover-scan. In it, Organ Health was tested for 500 people from the corona low risk group (young and healthy people), who were showing symptoms of corona. Many methods like MRI scan, blood test were used for this.

Corona affected two or more organisms in 25% of people

Dr Amitav Banerjee, Associate Professor of Clinical Data Science and Cardiologist at University College London, says the good news in the study is that the damage in the organisms is mild. Corona has affected two or more organisms in about 25% of people. Now, it will be necessary to know whether the organ damage continues even further or it improves.

In some cases a correlation between symptoms and damage site was found. Think of it as having gastrointestinal symptoms associated with pancreas and shortness of breath, and with heart or lung damage. However, the peer review of this study has not been done yet. Therefore, monitoring of the people involved in the study will continue.

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What is Long Kovid?

Long Kovid has no medical definition or list of symptoms. Patients who became Kovid-19 negative are still having problems after months. Long-term experience of symptoms is long-term even after recovering from Kovid-19.

The symptoms of two people struggling with long covid can be completely different. But, the common symptom is fatigue. Mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, and struggle for clear thinking are also coming forward. These difficulties can ruin the quality of life of any person.


When was the word first used?

The term Long Kovid was first used by Alyssa Perego (Research Associate of University College London) in May 2020, sharing her Kovid-19 experiences.

What do the experts say?

Study is the way to move things forward

Danny Altman, a professor of immunology at Imperial College London, says that Long Kovid should be taken seriously. Something must be known about what might happen to save the organisms. So starting collecting some things on the basis of study is the way to move forward.

Instead of being afraid of Long Kovid, one needs to be careful

Dr. Uma Kumar, head of the Rheumatology Department at AIIMS Delhi, says that patients recovering from corona need to be carefree rather than afraid of long covid. Because many problems can even bother patients further. So take care of all the precautions necessary to avoid corona. Do not think that the corona will have no further effect.

Problems like fatigue and anxiety have been occurring for several months.

Uma says that after recovering from corona, problems like heart, lung, respiratory, arthritis, joint pain, stroke are continuing in the patients. In some patients, problems such as fatigue and anxiety persist for several months.

Patients recovering from corona should avoid activities related to negativity and activity related to recurrence. Good diet and good sleep are also very important.

Long-term symptoms of corona affect the brain

According to the National Institutes for Health, people who have symptoms of corona for a long time can have very bad mental effects. They need better help and there is a dire need to provide more information to the healthcare staff.

Long covid is not one syndrome, but four different syndromes

UK scientists and doctors have warned the global community to focus on Long Kovid as well. The World Health Organization (WHO) has also started considering it. In a recent report by the UK’s National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), Long Kovid is not one syndrome, but four different syndromes.

How many patients are getting Long Kovid?

Research was done on 40 thousand corona patients in Britain. 20% of them said that they could not fully recover even after 1 month of infection. In 190 patients, corona symptoms persisted for 8 to 10 weeks. 100 patients reported having been disturbed until 10 weeks after infection.


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