Producer in controversies: Mandana Karimi’s producer Mahendra Dhariwal accused of haresment, he got into a vanity van while changing


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Mandana Karimi has worked in films like ‘Bhaag Johnny’ and ‘Main Aur Charles’. She also has an important role in producer Mahendra Dhariwal’s film ‘Coca Cola’.

Model and actress Mandana Karimi, who came into the discussion after ‘Bigg Boss 9’, has accused Mahendra Dhariwal, the producer of his film ‘Coca Cola’, of harassment. He says that while she was changing the dress in her vanity van, Dhariwal had come in and abused her. According to 32-year-old Mandana, the incident took place on 13 November, a day before Diwali.

‘The incident of November 13 shook me’

Mandana said in a conversation, “I am shocked what happened to me? We have spent more than a year working on ‘Coca-Cola’. I was work ing with him even though he knew that The team is not professional. I was having trouble from the beginning.


Mahendra Dhariwal’s thinking is old and male. Working on the ego of a human being on the set is not new. But the November 13 incident shook me. “

‘I was changing and he came in’

The actress continued, “It was the last day of shooting and I wanted to get out of my job because I had to meet someone. The producer asked me to stay for an hour before the shoot was over. It was not possible for me.” As soon as the shoot was over, I went into my vanity van to change and told Spotboy not to let anyone in.

I felt that the door was closed, but it was not. While I was changing, Dhariwal came inside. I requested him to leave. But he did not go and kept shouting at me constantly. Luckily, the stylist (Hitendra Kapopra) came rushing in and pushed Dhariwal out of the house before it broke down. “

Dhariwal told a different story

The story Mahendra Dhariwal told while clarifying the allegations of Mandana is completely different. According to him, Mandana created the scene a day before the shooting was completed.

Dhariwal said, “We signed Mandana for Rs 7 lakh. But when the shooting started and kept going, Mandana started showing the gimmick. Like when we were shooting in Delhi and she had to come back for a day He then demanded two lakh rupees.

After the lockdown, when we again planned the shooting and contacted him to know his date. Then she said that she is busy. He asked for two lakh rupees per day for these new dates. She wanted the money in advance, which was given to her. “

According to Dhariwal what happened on the last day?

Explaining the incident on the last day of the shoot, Dhariwal said that the shift was from 9 am to 9 pm. But at 8 o’clock, the actress vanity went into the van. According to Dhariwal, he ran backwards to convince Mandana that he could not pursue shooting further. Because they feel a loss.

He says, “She was not ready to understand and started packing up. I screamed. Mandana started making my video. I went in 10-15 seconds after her vanity went into the van and filed.” He knocked on the door before it happened. He asked me to come inside.

Public was standing outside and I was standing on the steps of the van. I requested him to give an additional 15 minutes. But when she started showing the gimmick, I got angry. Later she came to the shooting floor and started making my video. There were hundreds of people on the set, who can testify that I am right. “


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